This Week’s To-Do’s


Happy Monday everyone. Frankly, I just have to start out by saying that this getting light later thing is really killing my body clock. I supremely miss waking up to a sunshine filled room. Bummer. Anywho . . . I haven’t been home much lately so my goal this week is to be and to get ‘er done. My house feels like a mini tornado went through it and that just won’t do. I did dishes last night and washed some blankets, but definitely not enough to make me feel content. So, I feel like the only way to measure anything would be a list o’ to-do’s. Here’s mine:

2 loads of dishes 1 load of dishes
2 blanket laundry loads 1 blanket laundry load
Kitchen floor
Put away misc kitchen items & switch out fridge magnets
Put cover back on couch
Scrub down bathroom
Toss away junk mail
Vacuum floor
Recycle cardboard boxes
Wash sheets
Dark laundry load
Light laundry load
Find home for all clothing
Switch out bath linens
Tidy dresser
Give away man products
Take clothes to TY
Get tag removed
Exchange CWC necklace
Take Boo to park at least 3 times
Go to dahlia farm
Get brakes looked at
Read at least two times
Paint at least two times
No excess tv to fill time
Be awesome


What’s on your to-do list this week lovies?



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