A Very Happy Un-Birthday

Birthdays are kind of funny. I love my birthday, I’m a big fan of it. This year was sort of random though. It was very fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants. I woke up feeling sort of like “huh, this is 26?” Doesn’t really feel like I thought it would. Not sure what I thought, but it’s different.

This year was filled with a whole week of goodness. I took friday off and my mom & I gallavanted up through the gorge to the Bonneville Hot Springs. What an odd place on the outside, kind of reminds me of an early 90’s shilo inn, but inside is stunning. And you can’t really beat a lovely eucalyptus tub soak, a wrap and then a massage. Some massages are great, other ones it’s kind of like “aaaaaah” in an ugh sort of way. Afterwards we skedaddled up along the coast, had pizza in the cutes town and oggled the kite boarders while eating chocolate caramels. Like you do . . . 

Monday was lovely with my friend and her boy toy cooking me a wonderful pot roast meal. It was muy bueno! And then, of course, I persuaded them to come to the driving range with me. Oh yeah baby! My friend gave me a funny look, but then looky what happened . . . she found it supa dupa fun and now she’s golfing all the time. Complete with her own driver and glove. That silly girl should listen more often, hehe.

Tuesday, my actual birthday, was spent at work getting some Happy Birthdays and general well to-dos. I later persuaded my friend to go sail boating with me. You don’t even know how lovely it was! It was the perfect night, no jacket really needed. And you can’t beat being on the water, in a boat for your birthday with the sun setting over the city. And I got to check it off of my list! Eeeeee!

Eventually it was time to head home, but I felt a birthday cannot be complete without a wish. So I drove to the store in search of a cupcake, which of course they didn’t have, and then persuaded myself for chocolate pie, which of course they didn’t have, and then finally settled on chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cups and raspberries. It was quite tasty and by the time I returned home, the melty goodness was ripe for pink candles. And because I was making my own wish concoction and because I can, I made three wishes. You should try it!

All in all, a very successful birthday! How do you like to celebrate?




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