Things I Love Thursday!


 This week has been really rough on me and riddled by disappointment. But I’m trying my best to move on and up to more shiny goodness. I know there’s a reason for all of it, just the interim is incredibly uncomfortable. “I always receive my answer, it just may not e the one I was thinking of”. So much so, that I’ve been filling my week with goodness and starting the weekend off right . . . with my TiLT on friday, haha. That’s how awesomely behind it is and it’s great!

 The Bestest Friends ~ The bestest friends pick you up when you’re feeling down in the dumps and give you that extra boost of awesome to make it over thee hump. Or in my case, persuade me to a dinner filled with yummy bread and salad, whacking balls at the driving range and a cone afterwards at the DQ. Nothin’ better than great gal pals!

 Nalgene Water Bottles ~ I’m in love with my nalgene bottle. I had one mucho years ago and they hold a sense of camping, rugged nostalgia for me. A year or something ago I switched over to a BPA free bottle as sort of a cautious measure. Grant you, I waited quite sometime to do it simply because I hate hype. So despite my purchase, it was looking a little unloved as it kept getting tossed around here and there in my car. So I decided to break it out again and start using it more. It gets me to drink more water, I can track my consumption and I stay nice and hydrated during our little heat wave here with all my tooling around town.


Little Loves . . .

My “Be nice to me, I gave blood today.” sticker  Being able to remove the sticker from my delicate shirt after I accidentally left it on in the wash. Thank you dish soap!  Boo puppydog washes  Reses pieces  Polka dot sleep pants  New music goodness  Super lightweight tshirts just as it gets hot  Tidying the house  Dahlias  Coming home to plushy monkey guts all over my living room  Fresh salads  Having someone say they are in awe of me because I “get it”  Doing laundry. Sometimes it really lifts a weight off of your shoulders.  Waking up and realizing it was all just a dream  Having the right to choose another doctor  90 degree weather. I have to appreciate. I’m the one who asked for it. ♥ Day-dreaming of camping again.  Having a pool date and getting to use my cue again  Shootin’ guns this weekend!  Vodka + cranberry  Peaches & red plums ♥ Free sandwiches  Groupon and their interesting deals today!  Reorganizing the storage closet at work – it really needed it!  Last minute VA clients  Moving on from my disappointment and coming up with other solutions  Cancelling my way old MySpace account. Who uses that?  “No, Not Yet, I have something better for you in mind”  The Decemberists’ The King Is Dead album  Knowing that a whole new season is around the corner ♥ Flutterbies in my tummy  The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Cake releasing new albums ♥ Buying my ticket to Gala Darling!!!  Planning my Cali trip – I’m nervous, but soooo excited!  Realizing I get the next three to four days at work to be relieved and refocus.  Nap time ♥ Painting again and committing to selling. I’m secretly really jazzed.  Go-to jewelry pieces that are comforting 

 Tangerine Speedo

I’ve shared this before, but it made me smile today so to not include it would be a downright shame!


 I wish you all a wonderfully stunning weekend filled with cottan candy and lollipop dreams. Hugs & love!



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