Weekend Goodness

Ya know, I just realized it’s Monday and I still owe several posts from last week! Ugh. But, I figure that the only place to begin is where you are so here I start. This weekend was great and adventurous in a way that only other people can dream about. Or at least I hope it comes off that way, hehe.

I spent early Saturday morning givin’ it up to the blood pirates. Round two went much better this time. My favorite question they always ask me? “What the heck are you doing all the way up here?!” I can’t help the drive, but my loyalty to the group up there because of all of the help they’ve provided is unwavering. Thankfully, I was able to get them to take out of my left arm this time so there wasn’t a dead arm out with one I primarily use. I also found out about the potential for me to give double red cell donations rather than whole blood. They say that for those who can give, sometimes it’s better than whole blood because it can give you an extra bit of oomph back and you aren’t quite as lethargic. The only caveat is that I’d have to wait 4 months between each donation so I’d only be able to give 3 times a year. We shall see I guess. Thankfully this time hasn’t been quite as hard-hitting as the last (knock on wood). Though of course, me being me, I like to put that to the test with things like puppydog washes afterwards and no nap time. Ah, such is the life.

And just to make sure I pushed my potential for exhaustion to the limit, Sunday was extra eventful! I really miss the ability to sleep in. Oh I can nap like nobody’s business, but actually sleeping in doesn’t really happen much anymore. I’m thankful if I make it to 8. That being said, I woke up bright and early and met a friend for a carb-filled breakfast (they said I could) at Cup & Saucer in NoPo. Though definitely slower-than-usual service, it was a meal to be thankful for. I was so stuffed afterwards though!

We suddenly hit a heat wave in Portland this weekend. And I say “heat wave” gingerly for the sheer fact that the rest of the country has been baking their brains like over-easy eggs and we just now hit our first 90+ degree day of the summer. But me being me who just gave blood, and a Portlander, the idea of staying in town baking or staying in my house in the air conditioning all day didn’t sound all that convincing. So instead, I headed out on my own little adventure towards the aquarium.

I don’t take summer vacations so I always forget about summer traveling traffic. It’s the bane of my existence. I hate just sitting with nowhere to go. At least it was a lovely day and I finally got my chocolate peanut butter ice cream cone! Eventually I finally made it and just in time too! I purposely go to places like the aquarium at the end of the day because the potential for less screaming kids is exponential. I will warn that there is a slight hole in this theory in that the ones who are still there . . . are super tired. They’re like little time buzzers, they go off to let you know you’ve spent just enough time at that exhibit and it’s time to move on. Like cranky ushers. That being said, the entire coast line was socked in fog and it was about 20 degrees cooler there than in town so it was wonderful. My favorite exhibits are the sea lions, the fish tunnel, the jellyfish and the tide pool exhibit where you can touch everything. I love tide pools! It’s the kiddy explorer in me.

At 5 I started my trek home. I still have yet to do my beach trip for the year, but being near it was a nice break. However, the drive home quickly reminded me why I stay home during the summer . . . Accident traffic jam. A big one. A quarter of the way into the journey. It wouldn’t be so terrible if there weren’t jack-assey drivers trying to sneak their way in thinking they can get just an inch ahead. I love passing them later on though. So we sat. And sat. And sat some more. And I was reminded quickly that I need to take my car back in to get my breaks looked at. Once finally through, I opted for the detour drive to instead come up the main part of the state on the highway. Knowing that there would definitely be more stoppage, this was so much quicker!

And of course, after my 3 hour drive home (yes, three hours!) I made it just in time for the market deli to still be semi-open and for the wonderful man to help me with chicken skewers and tongs for salad. God bless that man for my stomach was starting to eat my backbone by then.

All in all, a successful weekend. Now back to the grind!



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