Happy Hump Day


Happy Hump day! And boy was it ever. Look out folks, we’re short-staffed and I’m on the hormonal edge. Don’t torment me or I might shank you. But despite the work stress, it’s been a great week filled with lots of goodness. I got guy hugs from two of my coworkers this week, how can you beat that? Ok, you probably can. But it takes a cupcake.

Monday . . . My lovely friends cooked me dinner and I found myself golfing to this beautiful sunset.

Tuesday . . . was my birthday! And I went sailing! Eeeee! More to come later.

And finally Wednesday . . . was filled with my two most hated places and then coming home to these beautiful posies.



So aside from those great things that I hold dear to my heart. It’s also been a week of gettin’ personal things done. On Tuesday I gave myself a birthday present and finally called the doc to answer my mamo question and schedule an appt. So apparently I can self direct a mammogram . . . if I’m 35 or over. Otherwise I need a doc. Greeeeeeeat. So now I have to persuade my new doc to go for it. Bring on the bullshit skills.

Speaking of bullshit skills, I also scheduled myself an appointment to go speak with someone. I’m a little on edge about it, but in a good, excited-to-start-a-new-chapter sort of way. I think it will be good for me. I just pray I don’t have to hunt for a pecker. I don’t have the patience to tell my shrink that she doesn’t cut it. Fingers crossed!

Today I met with Moomoo for a yummy dinner at Roses complete with a BLT and the bestest cupcake. I got sailing and a cupcake. My birthday is now complete! Afterwards, I committed to doing two things that have been on my to-do list, but due to my aversion to their locations I’ve avoided . . . going to the mall and going to walmart. I HATE both with a passion. Malls make me nauseous. I want nothing to do with them. But alas, that’s where my lip goo is found. And for BOGO 1/2 off no less. At least I came out of there with more goo and my right arm smelling sexy. Oh my, one day I will have a man who smells like my right arm I tell ya! After that, since I was a glutton for self-inflicted punishment, I made myself finally go to walmart and spend the stupid gift card I was given at Christmas. I’ve been really needing new itunes gift cards, but again, I avoid that place. And please understand my aversion: it’s like a giant warehouse, I never feel really clean or organized in there and yeah, there’s more, but I’ll stick with that. And it was hot as balls in there! I don’t shop at wally mart or support them, but alas had to spend the card (no sense in wasted gift cards) and because I was there and lazy, bought two other staples I was out of. Damn. At least it’s done!

How was your hump day?



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