Fill In The Blank Friday


Perfect timing since my birthday is on Tuesday. Wahoots!


1.   My most favorite birthday was . . .  my 16th. My friends filled my room with balloons and then kidnapped me for a sleep over and made me go on a scavenger hunt for $16 in pennies.

2.  My worst birthday was . . .  I think it’s a good sign that I don’t really remember bad birthdays. Last year’s wasn’t that great because there was stupid friend drama, but eh.

3.  My favorite birthday memory is . . .  going on a road trip up to the Olympic Peninsula with my mom. We stayed one hotel had magic fingers and another looked like a retro plush palace. The only thing it was missing was Neil Diamond.
4.  The best birthday present I’ve ever received was . . .   Again, I feel terribly guilty that I don’t remember a lot of this. I should. And my present meter sometimes mixes Christmas gifts and birthday gifts together. My dad gave me a big spa gift for my 21st, that was pretty darn great.

5.  The  best birthday present I’ve ever given was . . .   again, I don’t remember. I give away and then forget. I gave my ex a night out on the town with dinner and tickets to Jeff Dunham one year, that was pretty cool. I think my favorite gifts though were ones I gave G. Every year for her birthday we would take a road trip somewhere and do something fun. And it would always be a surprise.
6.  Birthdays are . . .  one more excuse to celebrate someone. They are fantastical! I admit though, I give myself a week of fun though. I do not limit myself to just one day because there’s no way you can see and do everything you want to in just one day! You should try it.
7.  My favorite age so far has been . . .   21 and 22 was pretty cool, but I really like thee place I am now. I’m hoping 26, which is definitely not what I thought it would be, is going to be a magical year!

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