Things I Love Thursday!


Happy thursday lovely laddies and jellyspoons. This will be a little shorter TiLT this week because I haven’t been feeling quite up to snuff as of late, my own fault of course. I fully plan on remedying that this weekend! I hope you all are having a tremendous weeks filled with sunshine and goodness. And if not, perk up, tomorrow is friday!

Little Loves . . .

♥ Plum sake & miho. So dangerous, but amazing. I blame the sake! ♥ Fluffy, flowy skirts ♥ Gummy worms. First time in months upon months and it was a sweet treat. ♥ Pluots. I am in LOVE with pluots! ♥ Boo sleeping in her bed lately. It’s nice to be able to stretch out sometimes. ♥ Super casual sundays ♥ The Hangover II. Again. Better this time around. ♥ Feeling sexy again  FINALLY sleeping lots ♥ “He fucked the creative out of me”  ♥ Gala’s guide to flirting. I hope you all read and have delicious flirts! ♥ Car rides with the puppydog ♥ Wearing the skully scarf ♥ “I think my back has a boyfriend and it’s in love” ♥ Whacking balls at Sunset with Kev ♥ Having friday off – with massages ♥ Mini loads of laundry. Sometimes, nothing but that shirt will do. ♥ Having weird dreams again ♥ “Really, what’s the worse that can happen?” ♥ Planning a trip to cali ♥ My birthday next week! ♥ The Perseids meteor shower this weekend. Everyone should watch! Just make sure you get away from the city. ♥ Renewing my license – here’s hoping the picture is much better this year. ♥ Not thinking anymore . . . ♥

♥Marko & Melanie. I haven’t even watched any SYTYCD this season, but I LOVE these two.


 Happy Thursday. Hugs & love! ♥



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