Dingo Stole My Beaver!

I feel it’s important for one to feel sexy. Neigh, a necessity. This can come in many forms from working out to a shiny new pair of heels to dressing up super special to putting an extra bit of pizzazz in your step. Whatever does it for you, it’s important that you do it.

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit unsexy . . . the broken foot, the emotional roller coaster, the penguin walk. None of it’s incredibly attractive to me. I long to wear sexy shoes during the summer again! Despite all of this, I know the only way I’ll feel sexy again is if I commit to it. Which is why I’m so happy it’s my birthday month! If there’s any time to feel shexshy, it’s your birthday month. Each year I treat myself to a naughty gift . . . a trip to “Brazil” for my lower half if you will. Something a little extra to give myself a little lift. I did so this weekend.

I won’t lie, it’s not cheap and it hurts. But then again, that’s why they made motrin (or drinks) and you’d need to pay me a lot to look at ladies’ hoohas all day . . . and that’s why the Lord made groupon! I officially love groupon with a big ole heart. I went to a new place in Tigard that I’ve been dying to dry. It’s tucked back in off the main drag and you have to wonder through the residential area to get to it, but boy howdy, it was worth it. It’s a little disconcertingly plain on the outside, but inside, Lavish is a gorgeous studio with tasteful decor and a simple ambiance. Nothing overdone and snooty and you feel instantly comfortable.

Andrea at Lavish is a phenomenal waxer! I’ve had Brazilians at other spas around town and they certainly always do a good job and minimize the pain, but I will say there’s something that’s always been missing previously. One of the big selling points is that the Brazilian will steal everything you got if you get it. However, I’ve found that depending on which salon you go to will depend on how much they take. Some promote the brazilian in their menu, but don’t always deliver. Oh don’t get me wrong, what they do do is good, but not everything. Not so the case this time. And while it was a new experience, I was pleasantly surprised at the pleasant demeanor and thoroughness of my wonderful waxer. I guess if you’re going to do a job, you should do it right.

“I got mugged! She took everything I got!”‘ ~ Carrie Bradshaw


Things to know before you go:

♦ Make sure you’ve let everything to grow out 2-3 weeks prior to your appointment

♦ Refer to the above chart for what you’re looking for in terms of lawn maintenance. If you aren’t looking to have all of the goods taken, make sure you let the know ahead of time. Otherwise, you’ll suddenly be bare down there before you know it!

♦ Be prepared for awkward positions and helping out your waxer. Sometimes they need more than just their two hands to get the job done.
*Bonus points for flexibility. The number one comment I always get is that they are surprised at how flexible I am.

♦ If in the end you aren’t happy with the job they did, let them know. You’re spending a good amount of money, you should be happy with it. And always keep in mind that every waxer and every establishment is different. Just like hairdressers and nail salons. If you don’t like one, don’t give up! Try another next time!

♦ You may want to refrain from debuting the new playground for at least 24 hours. It will allow for post-wax discomfort to pass and for you to get comfortable. Then you’ll be right as rain!

♦ And my one, final piece of advice: Enjoy the new sexiness! Just be careful, it makes you do funny things . . .


“That’s the thing about the Brazilian, it makes you do crazy things. You have to be very careful who you invite to Brazil.” ~ Samantha Jones


Happy Waxing!



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  1. Do I even want to know, who visited Brazil with you???? Sound like Christmas maybe? Momma told you not to play with the elves after work didn’t she??

    That being said, this was one of the most interesteing and creative posts I have seen in a long time. Nothing like reading about the HOOHAAA on Monday morning. Have a great day.
    L. M.

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