Some Thoughts From Me To You . . . With Love


* I preface this entire thing by saying it’s opinionated and if you don’t like it, I’m very sorry. Here’s a cactus. Have a nice day. *


Fancy Pants Script ~ Lots of people are talking about it and I’ve heard quite a few opinions on it, so I thought I’d vent mine. I find myself saddened that they are stopping teaching cursive in some schools across the country. In fact, it concerns me. I feel like it’s a compromise. Part of the reasoning behind it was that it took too long to teach. What else are we going to compromise in the name of timing? Our school system is broke and we are cutting more and more things. A coworker said they should cut it because it’s unnecessary and soon enough the only thing we’ll need to know is how to sign our names. But our names won’t be secure because we won’t know cursive at all, everything will be more forgible. And does this signify a shift in the respect for the written word? Maybe I’m just a big educated nerd . . .

Hey Teach, Facebook Me? ~ Missouri is now putting a law into effect that prohibits teachers from being social networking friends with their students. To be honest, I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand, I get their point in that teachers and student’s personal lives don’t need to mix, there should be a professional line there. But on the flip side, social networking is one more outlet to reach your students in a creative and constructive manner. There are teachers keeping it separate and using tools like this to post extra credit and have conversations online. When it’s already hard to reach your students as it is, is discouraging this really the way to go? There was also a POV from someone who said simply that bad people are going to do bad things. They will find a way. They did long before facebook. It’s a sad world sometimes, but I’d rather encourage the good.

Burqa Ban & Moded Outfits ~ Italy has now jumped on the political bandwagon with France of banning the Burqa. For those who don’t know, the Burqa is the traditional head/face garment that muslim women wear for religious and traditional purposes. I kind of feel like this is a bit of witch hunt. Who are we to say what is acceptable and not in this fashion? I don’t feel that this head garment impedes security and safety for the general public. If you’re going to go there, when are we banning trench coats? Another hot topic is a recent modified outfit in women’s weightlifting. Recently a muslim woman applied, and won, to be able to modify the traditional garments worn in women’s weightlifting to meet her religious needs. Her plight was that the traditional outfit showed too much skin and that in skin-tight leotards you could still just as easily see form and positioning while lifting and still meet all requirements. I heard so many comments about how bad this was and how dare she request this and blah blah blah. It saddened my heart. Especially the ones that comment that if you want to participate in the sport, you should be prepared to wear the clothing. Pardon me? Have we not modified clothing unbelievably over the years to accommodate modesty, fashion and function? Not to mention safety? Cheerleaders, swim gear, women’s baseball uniforms, men’s basketball attire, helmets, padding, footwear, etc etc. Last year a group of high school cheerleaders petitioned the school board, and won, to modify their cheerleading uniforms to show less cleavage and less booty. The only complaints I heard were the grumbles from the pervy men’s section that kept eerily to themselves. Where was the “if you want to play, prepare to wear” commenting then?

Beetle Paraphernalia ~ Not to be confused with Beatles paraphernalia. Is it just me or has the VW Beetle become the mothership example for dashboard shit? And please understand, this goes waaaaay beyond the standard bobble-head jesus. Him I can handle. Dangles hanging from the mirror, stuffed animal in the back window, a perky chirpy or two in the front. Oh damn that flower holder in the front console, it was the beginning of the end I tell you!

Rapid Tap ~ And I finish with something that hits close to home. I’ve already touched on the subject of blood donation previously and how close it is to my heart. I donate regularly and I can’t wait until later this month when I can give my next donation. That all being said, I read and interesting article about the future possibility of regular donors being “rapidly tapped” in the case of an emergency. Currently, whole blood donors have to wait two months between each donation. Plasma can be weekly (at least) and platelets every couple of weeks. Rapid tap would tap in to the regular donors and they could forego the standard timeline for a more speedy one in order to ensure a good healthy supply. And not for the typical disaster either, we’re talking a community outbreak or something like that. During the time of 9/11, donors were lined up around the corners and they couldn’t keep the whole supply due to the sheer amount of donations. This sort of overloading would be prevented with this more thought out plan. It’s an interesting idea . . .



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