Things I Love Thursday!


Happy thursday! What a weird week it’s been. Yesterday, though ending well, I file under the not so awesome day files. Couldn’t get comfortable, running late, someone at lunch spilled their cranky pants on me and so on and so forth. But then again, it ended well so I guess that’s why they call it hump day. But today is a new day and a new opportunity for tons of goodness! I hope that goodness spills all over you . . .  My loves this week are . . .

Trashing Out ~ Though I meant to get tons more done (but didn’t) and I need to do further things this weekend with it, I’m so excited to have trashed outt my room. There were reminants from the tiredness that was my sickness a couple of weeks ago and then my inability to do much of anything lately thanks to my feet, so finally gettin’ it done was a huge relief! I hate when things pile up and begin to overwhelm you. I say nay!

Revisitng My Meal Strategy ~ So lately I’ve been spending waaaaay too much money. That’s bad. So in an effort to curb this bad habbit, I revisited my budget again and started thinking about my grocery shopping habbits. Because I’ve been lazy and not thinking about meals until the moment I’m hungry, it’s made for some great tasting food made by other people. Yum but ouch. So this week I thoughtt about what sounded good to have and planned accordingly while shopping at the grocery store. Definitely good to have a plan!

Culturephile ~ I beyond excited that the time has finally come for two great shows. Tonight is Matisyahu at the Zoo. I thought about possibly not going, but then I heard a song and was instantly jonesin’ again. I have to decide if it’s just me or not though. Next week is Les Mis downtown. It was one of those shows that I wasn’t dying to see, but instead bought the tickets because I wondered if I didn’t if I would regret it later on in life. Kind of like seeing Mary Poppins. I don’t want to look back and say “I had that chance and it hasn’t come around again”.

Little Loves . . .

“It’s a little black & white out, I think we should stay in.” ♥ The alpaca farm. So cutes! ♥ Morning thunderstorms  Farmer’s markets  Sunflowers & dahlias  Rub-a-dub scrubbed tub  Boo at the dog park  Finding my hard drive again FINALLY!  Matisyahu at the zoo. I’m sooooooo excited! It’s worth the craptastic walk. And ooo, look out elaphant ear, here I come!  Having my closet be filled with just things I wear. What a concept . . . ♥ The Misfits  Late night convos  My body clock. Sometimes it’s a gift, sometimes it’s a curse.  Dreaming of homemade guacamole again  Cooking together with your significant other  Lunner  Thank you cards  PF Changs. Oh my geez yum!  Showing my leg finally after the fall. For the sake of not becoming a “fried bunny”, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and be willing to look like someone beat you up.  Hollyhocks blooming  Getting a good bill of health from my fracture appt  Deciding on sailboating for my bday  Nap time  Bob the builder stickers  Green casts  New sunscreen  Body butter. I love body butter! Mine’s coconut 🙂  Double points tuesday  Brene Brown. I am in love with this woman and her genious. And now I’ve discovered her blog and it’s stupendous!  Finding a deoderant that’s lovely and lasts. This was a ridiculous endeavor to go through so I’m very happy to have found somethin that works and lasts without costing an arm and a leg or smelling grossly floral  New music heaven Hugs and snuggles and smooches Horrible Bosses! I LOVED this movie. I cracked up so much. I highly recommend for anything who likes the Hangover/Zombieland type of comedy. Well worth my free ticket usage!!

This Song!


Wishing you hugs & love!



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