Goodies, Treats and Habbabaloo


Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend filled with sunshine and lots of agua. Gotta stay hydrated peeps! I took a three day weekend this weekend with the original intention of being in Bend most of the weekend, but alas the zombie foot made that a less-than-stellar idea so instead I relaxed closer to town.

Friday morning I finally had my meeting with one of the staffers of RC to get into the VA. Though a little jumbled, it went very well and somehow I found myself considering disaster relief as well. I’m such a sucker. I think it’s like the helping hand version for adrenaline junkies. Either way, I still have one or two more interviews, another background check and a TB test to do. At this rate, I won’t get in there until fall, haha. But then again, maybe that’s not so bad – more time to enjoy “summer”.

After that, I hopped over to Cup & Saucer for breakfast. Oh my geez so very yum! Some skillet potatoes, thick crispy bacon, an english muffin with their homemade jam and a fruit cup. I was in tummy heaven. But alas, I couldn’t dawdle forever because I had to drive lickity-split home, clean up out the big car and grab the boo-meister so we could pick up the pops from a doc appointment. Unfortunately, a “quick pickup and go” turned into an hour-long wait. I felt really bad for Boo, though thankfully she’s awesome and it hadn’t gotten too hot just yet. Melty dog is not a happy dog. After that, I met up with one of the girls and saw the last installment of HP. Hmmm, it’s over now . . . kind of weird. I always feel that way about series movies. I’ll probably feel the same about the end of Batman this week.


Saturday was filled with fun times with Boo and I skedaddled up to the dog park for social time after a quick house clean only to have an impromptu meeting with the Pops too! He joined us for puppy play time. Sadly my dog pooped out fairly quickly, but she’ll get better in time. I think the best part was every dog trying to make off with her new monkey toy. You’d think I was the pied piper of the doggy world the way those dogs stalked me! After that, Boo and I took a quick drive down to Newberg for an old-fashioned ice cream cone and then off to the doggy wash where I spent waaaaay too much money on two new collars and a treat along with the smell-so-good treatment. I’m contemplating returning one of the collars. Who knows . . .

Sunday was my get-shit-done day. I feel like Sunday is the day to make up for whatever gallivanting you’ve done and feel productive before you have to go back to work with something to show for your weekend, hehe.

First up: the farmer’s market. I am addicted to the farmer’s market. Other goodies I’m addicted too: Giant piles of tomatoes, home-grown salad bags, homemade fresh chocolate chip cookies (just 1), big bouquets of flowers and bag fulls of bing cherries. In other words . . . heaven!

Once done there I found myself on a mission . . . first Target to pick up essentials. Of course, when they don’t have your essentials, you begin to have a wandering eye and look at non-essentials. Like hello kitty duck tape that you probably would never bring home but still find super amusing. Especially since it’s duck tape.

And once you’re on a mission for something, you can’t stop there. Especially when it’s something to make your house not smell quite so ughy. On to the grocery store I went!

Lately I’ve been horrible at cooking (and preparing) meals at home. Frankly, I’ve been down right lazy about it. But I can’t afford to keep being that way so I picked up some great supplies for meals this week and I can’t wait! Burrito supplies, terryaki chicken, hamburgers, watermelon and salads. Yum! Oh, and by golly, I did find some carpet cleaner.

After that, I met up with one of the girlies for a wonderful outdoor lunner. Nothing beats a good lunner. Finally, back home I found myself on a mission of epic proportions. Ok, it was only epic because my feet wanted to die by the end of the day, but still. I was determined to get my to-do list done! Two loads of laundry, dishwasher load, kitchen and living room tidy, vacuumed, trashed out the various areas, scrubbed the tub (finally!) and put away clothes. The best thing? I found my hard drive! The world of weekend came to a very happy end.

How was your weekend?



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  1. I believe it’s aqua, not agua.OR maybe it’s just H2O. Anyway, you went to see HP without me????
    How did that happen. You know we always go to see HP together. Now I feel jipped. I guess I’ll have to wait for it on TV ………
    I heart you anyway. Have a good day.

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