New Music Monday

Happy NMM ladies & jellyspoons! It’s only 6am and it’s already been eventful here with waking up to a glorious thunderstorm. Oh sure, we have lots of rain here during the fall, winter and spring, but nothing beats a good thunderstorm. And its smell . . .

With that, I found myself thinking about the good ole days of music videos and music channels that actually played, hmmm . . . music. Back when MTV was just touching into reality tv, I remember having this great On-demand music channel called The Box. Does anyone remember The Box? It was great because you could sit there and do your things around the house while listening to good music and watching awesome videos (before they became super over-produced). I know this concept is a no-brainer now, but at the time it was a bit unheard of. People didn’t think music and television could commingle and they hadn’t even an inkling of the computer.

That being said, I thought I’d pick some of my most remembered Box favorites from the time. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful . . .

The Misfits – Dig Up Her Bones
Highly popular in the 80’s amongst the hardcore punkers along with social distortion, this group had the death metal look without sounding jerk facey. I’m so happy my brain was finally able to remember this song . . .

The Offspring – Gone Away
This was the first cd I ever bought and of course, it had “explicit lyrics”. But I loved this song . . .

No Doubt – Trapped In A Box
The song before they made it big and she started to define her style

And just because I can . . .


 Oh the 90’s . . . Happy monday lovies!



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