Things I Love Thursday!


♥ The Puppydog Feeling Better ~ This weekend the puppydog came down with some eye gunk meets red eye that’s better described by the vet as a bacterial infection. Whatever. It’s eye gunk and it needed to be rooted out immediately! If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s my dog being sick or sickly or pudgy or anything falling under the heading of “not well taken care of”. It irks me. I can’t stand people who don’t take care of their pets, it’s like not taking care of your kids. Unacceptable. Anyways, eye gunk. So she had a nice visit to the vet to the tune of $160 dollars and thankfully a laundry list of items later she is much more up to snuff. I even renewed her microchip and license. Guess she’s stuck with us now. Seeing as how she’s passed out comfy at the foot of my bed, something tells me she doesn’t mind.

♥ Magical Bruises ~ On the outside my legs and feet are healing nicely. I don’t look quite so much like I got beat up by the curb. However, I am sort of sad to see them go. I know it’s weird, but I kind of find bruises and the whole healing process fascinating. If they go away, I’m just stuck with the ucky pain of being broken and the itchy/annoying swelling meets healing. Blargh. And believe you me, when I saw that damn sink hole in the pavement outside subway yesterday, I definitely shook my fist at it with stern disapproval.

♥ The Spot Bot ~ I know I’ve written about it before, but it bears repeating this week: I LOVE my spotbot. There’s nothing quite like going out to dinner with the pops after a loooooong day and then coming home to poo paw prints all over your cream colored carpet. Poo alone is no bueno, but having it tracked around . . . extra gnarly! It’s like a kid who leaks out of his diaper and then things it makes a nice wall decoration. Grody. So this time I got to use the hose attachment for the first time. Word to the wise: using it with the brush is a lot more affective. But boy howdy, that thing got my carpet clean as a whistle lickity split! Thank heavens.

♥Favorite Clients ~ Quickest way to become my fav client? Shower me with flowers, candy and gift cards to an amazing restaurant. How did you know that’s where I wanted to go?! He’s a very smart man . . .

Little Loves . . . 

♥Friday appointments! My volunteer meeting finally, then picking the pops up from the doc and then HP with the girly. Wahoots! ♥ Bing cherries. I lo-lo-love cherries. I’m so happy it’s cherry season. ♥ Budgeting again. It sucks to have to take a realistic look at where you are and what mini (or major) hole you might be in, but working your way through really makes the world look a little brighter. ♥ Curls in my hair again ♥ Rediscovering my vintage pin collection. It’s like buying new jewelry without the wallet ouch! ♥ New friends and old friends ♥ Feeling ok about saying no to the east coast this year. I hated doing it, but I know it’s the right decision for me right now. ♥ Goal setting again ♥ Letting go of the need to rush and refocusing on me ♥ Dinner with the fam ladies! I love girly dinners where you can sit and relax with the fam. ♥ My plush red heart pin ♥ Fresh clean sheets ♥ A reminder of rain. Please let this simply be a brief stop on the way back to summer town. ♥ The upcoming cultural season. I can hardly wait! ♥ The promise of warm weather this weekend ♥ Groupon quick deals – aka $10 for $5 to subway today. Word to the wise: They are for that day only so you better be prepared to use and don’t step in that blasted pot hole! ♥ Thursday being my friday this week. Hello casual thursday! ♥ Conversations that make your cheeks hurt because you laugh and smile so much ♥ Not being afraid to spill your guts. Sometimes you just need to because it’s funny.Even if it’s a story about peeing on your own foot. ♥ Open-minded men. Oh  how I heart you! ♥ My doggy daydreaming. Perhaps she’s secretly thinking of the dog park this weekend . . . ♥ Getting my sewing done finally ♥ Cleaning. I am by golly determined to clean my room this weekend!!! ♥ Cilantro lime chicken ♥ My planter herb garden suddenly growing like mad ♥ Bowling ♥

♥ Evening sunsets

♥ Robin Hood Men In Tights


Happy thursday lovies!


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  1. Great list! I know the feeling of budgeting and climbing out of a huge money hole. Fresh clean sheets should be on my list too!


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