Relax, Cupcake


After a week or so of not really substantially writing, I feel like now is about time. Some things that have been going on: I got sick for three weeks and finally feel back to “normal” – or at least back to allergies, kayaked twice, got a tetanus shot for shits & giggles that turned into a dead arm all week, tore my ankle tendons in my left foot and broke my right foot slightly.I think that about sums it up in a nutshell. Oh yeah and it started raining again in Oregon. I don’t think this state got the memo that it’s July and supposed to be summer. Well it better get the indian summer memo otherwise we’re going to have to have a discussion.

More than anything though, I’ve been trying to sort through some things and figure out where in the world I want to go from here. What I’ve been doing the last coupled of weeks has sort of been no bueno so I’m thinking it’s about damn time to shake things up again. I don’t care where I go as long as it is in a forward direction.

In an effort towards that direction, I’ve decided I need to come back to lists and goal setting. I will later come up with my goals for the next month and a half or so, but for now, here are my goals for today and this weekend:


⇒ Take out trash
⇒ Put away clean clothes
⇒ Run two dishwasher loads
⇒ Dark load of laundry
⇒ Light load of laundry
⇒ Tidy kitchen
⇒ Tidy entryway
⇒ Tidy dresser top
⇒ Clear floor & put keep items away
⇒ Get goodwill bag together & take away – be honest and get rid of lots o’ stuff!!!

This Weekend:

⇒ Find portable drive!
I lost this a couple of weeks or go and it has to be somewhere in the house or in my car, but alas, I really need to hunt it down

⇒ Stay away from technology
I’ve become a bit dependent and shall we say, addicted as of late. This bugs the bujesus out of me! It’s supposed to assist you, not be you lifeline for breathing. It needs to go away for a bit.

⇒ Make budget for end of July & August
I’ve really fallen off the budget wagon the last two months so I need to get honest with myself about my current debt load, the time and effort it will take to pay off and what realistically I need to do to make that happen.

⇒ Bill client to get paid
I need money. It’s pretty straight forward.

⇒ Finish up work for other client
See above.

⇒ Read
I don’t care what I read, but I’m telling myself to read for at least 30 minutes sometime this weekend. 30 minutes, it’s not that long. You can do it.

⇒ Go to the farmer’s market & get new flowers

⇒ Finish cleaning out my car
I cleaned up my back seat earlier this week, but my trunk is still a disaster from traveling & various fun activities. And since it’s hidden, who doesn’t just shove stuff in there? Blankets, shoes, golf clubs, dead bodies . . . it’s all become a bit ridiculous. Needs to be fixed.

So there’s my goals for this weekend. I have hopes. I’ll keep you posted!



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  1. You can not slightly break something. It’s either broken or not. You my dear, have a broken foot!! As for the weather, be happy it’s not 96 and humid. And keep telling yourself, you’ll have great skin forever with all this rain and moisture. When everyone else looks like a hag, with wrinkled skin, you will look Mavelous!!!

    And if things get really bad, you can do, as MS Scarlett says, ” I can’t think about that now, I’ll think about it tomorrow”………
    Have a great week..
    L. M.

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