Things I Love Thursday!


Happy thursday to my favorite peeps! I hope you’re all having a stupendous week and even better, are super excited for friday tomorrow. TGIF!

My frankenstein-meets-zombie foot ~ I broke my foot (will have to share in a later post) and usually you don’t get to see all of the pretty colors because you’re casted, but since that isn’t the case this time it’s kinda fun to see.

Office BBQs ~ Who doesn’t love a good reason to kick back a little and enjoy your time at work? I’m making guacamole and some other thus undetermined dish to bring. Though it hasn’t been the best weather here lately, I have high hopes for goodness. Or at least no raining on our parade.

Puppy Playdates ~ Thanks to crappy sickness and now the broken foot I’ve been feeling bad for the puppydog lately because she’s not getting the excercise she really needs. I’m going to have to start taking her up to the dog park so she can work out her energy. In the meantime though, my awesome mom is taking her for a puppy playdate today. I think she’ll have tons o’ fun and hopefully be tons o’ warn out by the end of the day, hehe.

Little Loves . . .

The A-team theme song in a Maybeline commercial. Not sure what’s worse: that it happened or that I could identify it, hehe.  Keeping my crutches because I had a distinct feeling I’d need them again   Celebrity Rehab and Hoarders keeps me sane  Losing 20lbs  My moomoo. I don’t know about yours, but mine is the shit.  My recent dr’s visit – I love non-judgemental and helpful nurses  Friend bdays  Mary Poppins, the theater version – chimney sweep songs and men in glitter suits – Huzzah!  A groupon to see Gone With The Wind in the theater this weekend. OH MY GEEZ, so excited! Bum foot be damned!  Fudgesicles. Yum!  Watermelon. I am in love with watermelon right now. It’s the perfect summer food.  Dried cranberries and cheese crumbles for salad toppings  Late-night texting. I forgot how fun you can be. The Winnie The Pooh movie. I heart you.  Big dumb combat boots  Shiba Inu puppies. I often wonder what Boo looked like as a puppy.  Bettie Paige  To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything, Julie Newmar

Abby Normal

The Elements Song


 Happy thursday ladies & jellyspoons!



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