Fill In The Blanks Friday!

Happy friday lovies. TGIF!!!

1.   My plans this summer include . . .   lots and lots of kayaking and hiking, road trip to Bend, golfing, a meteor shower expedition, live concerts, outdoor movies and my birthday. Wahoo!
2.  The best summer I ever had was . . .  I’m not sure, I’ve had a lot of really great one. Great road trips with the rents or rafting with friends. I guess one I remember that really felt like a summer was when I was in Phoenix. I loved it and it was definitely summer there!
3.  Summer is . . .   warm late nights, driving with the windows open and the music blasting, going to the beach, flowy skirts and comfy shorts, tons o’ BBQ, the smell of sunscreen, lots of laughs and smiles.
4.  My favorite summer food is . . .   grilled kabobs and burgers, watermelon, corn on the cob, popsicles.

5.  The best way to quench a summer thirst is with . . .    water. I know it’s boring, but it’s necessary. I have a tendency to get dehydrated and it takes me a bit to figure it out so I try to always have water bottles on hand.
6.  My summer uniform consists of . . .   lightweight clothing. I turn into one hot mess in the summer so less is more. I love crops and easy-going flowy tops and t-shirts. And of course, always flip-flops.
7.  The best thing about summer is . . .   It keeps me young and happy!

Happy Summer!



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