Ten On Tuesday


1. What do you traditionally do for 4th of July?
I’m pretty sure there is nothing really traditional for me about the 4th other than BBQ and sparklers (most years anyway). Each 4th has been different for me in years of late.

2. Did you follow your tradition this year? How did you celebrate yesterday?
Only the BBQ part. I’ve been sick for over a week now so putting forth a ton of effort was not high on my priority list. I went for the perfect drive with Boo, complete with a ferry ride and ice cream. Then I napped and cooked kabobs to have with salad and fruit. It was a good day. The only thing I missed really . . . fireworks. You can’t see any from the house really. Oh well.  

3. What’s the best fireworks show you’ve ever seen?
The one in Phoenix was pretty neat, but I’d have to say the one at Depoe Bay was probably the best I’ve been at. It was over the ocean and sponsored by the Sheriff’s so anyone could bring any of their fireworks, no questions asked, and set them off safely.   

4. Have you ever been injured by a firecracker?
Hells no. I like my body parts right where they are. 

5. Burger, Brat, or Hot Dog?
Depends on my mood. Right now, I’d say burger. 

6. Do you sport red, white and blue on our Independence Day?
Normally I do, didn’t think about it much yesterday. I can safely say I wore white and blue though so that’s reassuring.  

7. If you had to be from any country other than the USA, what country would it be?
I have no idea, maybe Canada. “When in doubt, just say you’re from Canada.” It’d have to be one where I have good rights both as a woman and as a citizen.  

8. Charcoal or gas?
Charcoal for taste, gas for convenience.

9. What’s your favorite thing about this fair country of ours?
I would probably have to say the independence I am afforded as a citizen. While I keep an eye on my concerns for the potential for forfeited rights a la V for Vendetta, I have to say that I am pretty lucky. Both as a woman and a citizen I have the ability to vote without persecution, walk around in whatever I like so long as it’s covering the necessary parts (trust me, that’s necessary), for the most part say whatever I damn well please (gotta watch the bomb word folks) and go where I like without being concerned for safety. And I can be whatever I want. While there are always hurdles to be overcome, I think it’s definitely possible here. 

10. God Bless the USA, My Country Tis of Thee, or the Star Spangled Banner?
Hands down, the Star Spangled Banner. I LOVE The Star Spangled Banner. I love singing it and what it means. And I get annoyed when people don’t put their hand over their heart. I suppose that’s part of my own version of Patriotism.



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