Things I Love Thursday!

It’s a short one this week ladies and jellyspoons. I’m laying in bed feeling ughy thanks to this crappy cold, but I have high hopes that I’ll be feeling right ass rain soon enough. Fingers Crossed.

Kayaking Again ~ Going kayaking again this weekend was amazing! I can’t wait to go again! To feel the fluidity in my movement, to be on the water and to see all of the blue herons. Perfection.

Little Loves . . . 

♥ Watching episodes of Weeds again in preparation for the new season! ♥ New tshirts ♥ The crab shack on the water ♥ Crops for golfing ♥ Farmer’s markets ♥ Big bunches of amazing flowers ♥ Bringing home foody care packages for my dad ♥ Reminiscing the good ole days of pay phones and calling cards ♥ Getting my phone replaced and saving 50 bucks ♥ Refilling the propane tank. Ready for grilling this weekend! ♥ NyQuil. It’s a glorious thing. ♥ A sick day with Boo. I think we both needed it. ♥ The Big C returning ♥ Life surprising you when you think you might have made a mistake, giving you an opportunity to change your mind if you like ♥ Headaches going away ♥ Motorcycle dreams ♥ Asparagus. I’m in love with grilled asparagus! ♥ Sons of Anarchy. Still. I cannot even believe how sucked into this show I’ve become. It’s ridiculous. ♥ Being determined to get back on track with things. ♥ Jemma. She is one badass bitch. ♥ 4th of July this weekend! While I often find myself dateless for the show, I always find a way to enjoy it. I hope you have some fireworks of your own. ♥ Warm summer nights returning ♥

♥ The Whole Blah Damn Thing


 Happy Thursday lovies!!!


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