New Music Monday!

Happy NMM!

This morning I found myself on hold for an extended period of time with GoDaddy customer support for a client. Normally this would bother me, I mean c’mon, who likes being on hold? And especially the hold music. It’s either them talking or something you want to fall asleep to. Not the case with GoDaddy. I love GD’s hold music because . . . it’s always the Squirrel Nut Zippers. I love it so much that sometimes I want to ask them to put me back on hold just so I can listen a little longer. And when that stupid announcer voice chick interrupts, I want her to go away and put the music back on.

The Squirrel Nut Zippers were an awesome band from the late 90’s that were old school swing style with amusing attitude. I was in love with their album and hearing it again makes me feel nostalgic. So I thought I would share some goodness with you!

Put A Lid On It

Blue Angel

 Bad Business Man


Enjoy ladies & jellyspoons!



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