Peony Gardens and Operation Clean Sweep

I woke up this morning to a room full of sunshine. What a wonderful way to wake up! Who could ask for anything better? Ok, maybe add kisses to that. I could be really happy waking up to sunshine and kisses. I laid in bed for a while with the puppydog. Finally made myself watch Get Low. Thankfully it was exactly what I expected. Dark with some amusing moments, not half bad all together. This weekend I watched Salt, Get Low and The Rite. All of which I’ve been meaning to see. I consider this to be productive.

After that I made myself finally get up and on with the day. I made up the car and packed up Boo for a road trip to the Peony gardens. I heart mini road trips. Long enough to relax and short enough not to kill your entire day. The first place was super easy to find. It was truly a beautiful sight – rows upon rows of peonies. For a girl who loves peonies, it was lovely! Unfortunately they were in transition with bringing out new buckets of purchasable flowers, but I think I made out like a bandit with a bouquet of four fluffy white & pink ones and four deep red ones that have petals surrounding a center puff. I love that each flower is different. Unique. For the sake of things, I also travelled down the road to another peony grower and boy am I glad I did! Though quite the jaunt up a back dirt road that leads you into the middle of nowhere, you’re kept company along your journey by wandering quail and lush greenery. It’s like going to wonderland once you come out of it all. And you know I’d have to buy four of those giant peonies the size of dinnerplate dahlias. Amazing! I will definitely be partaking in the goodness of peonies for as long as humanly possibly this season.

Afterwards I came back up to town and had lunch outside with the lovely Miss K. It was so nice to stress out with someone else over salad, pesto pasta and bread. Sometimes, you really need to know you aren’t alone. I’m feeling a lil better about my stressing, but definitely still a work in progress. I pray this week will be tons better! Then I came home and took a nap. I think I’ve been wearing myself down to the point of exhaustion. This breaking down and rebuilding stuff is a bitch. But I guess it’s the only way to move forward. Three hours later, definitely not what I meant to do, I took a little trip to the store for dinner and then came home and watched reruns for an hour. Nothing like a good rerun that you can half watch but don’t have to fully commit to.

And then the urge hit . . . The cleaning urge.

They say that your surroundings and home reflect your current mental state. If that’s true, I’m a ridiculous mess. I’ve been avoiding cleaning like the plague and it definitely looked like it. So I’m the girl who starts cleaning the house like a mad woman at 8 o’clock on a sunday night because I just can’t take it anymore. A dishwasher load, two laundry loads, a kitchen scrub, a crazy lady vacuum spree and a living room tidy later and I’m pooped! But I feel a helluva lot better about starting the day fresh tomorrow. I think I’m going to go to work tomorrow and then come home and finish with the clean sweep. I’ve been avoiding it too long and it’s about damn time I wade my way through it.

Today was made for goodness and getting things done. Here’s to today and tomorrow!

Hugs & Love!



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