Pizza, Parades & Gardens, Oh My!



I hate traffic. Frankly, I despise it. I would rather take the long way around if it means I’m moving the whole time than sit in traffic. But alas, sometimes it’s unavoidable. Such was the case today with the Rose Festival parade.

Months upon months ago I got a 2-for-1 groupon to the Japanese garden, but it hasn’t been nice enough to use it until now. And of course, it expires this weekend. I was able to persuade my moomoo to go with me since she was in town and it was the perfect day! Getting there of course was interesting though . . . I didn’t realize that the grand floral parade was today. In ptown they have a huge thing called the Rose Festival where they have a week or two long carnival, two great parades, lots of events and best of all . . . mucho men in uniform.  Nothing like fleet week. But alas, there is also lots of traffic, detours and crazy people. Which of course, I got stuck in this morning. Thankfully it wasn’t terrible and we both got to the same place at the same time . . . late.

I love going up to the Japanese garden. Not just the garden itself, but also the ride up to the garden. It’s an open coach that’s uber fun and a beautiful little ride. As though you’re being brought to another world. And it is! The garden is beautiful in its green simplicity. Small paths of stone and wood, rock gardens, ponds and waterfalls. And koi. I love koi. They are like fish from another planet. We walked and talked and enjoyed the sun. I love time with my mom because it reminds me everything will be ok.

Afterwards we drove down the hill to have lunch at Pizza Oasis. If you are ever in ptown, I highly recommend it! It’s pizza unlike any other. Just the right amount of sauce and cheese, fluffy dough and wonderful ingredients. Yummers! I ate too much because I didn’t have breakfast this morning before leaving, but since I’m hardly ever there, it was well worth it! And it’s always fun to read the WW together while waiting. And there is people watching galore which is always a treat!

When we were done we exchanged hugs and plants. I traded in the cyclamen I’ve been killing since easter for a beautiful fuschia plant that my mom bought me. She’s so sweet! I love plant exchanges. Most I can keep alive, but those cyclamens are tempramental lil pains. Not for me. You don’t feed them they wilt. You water too much, they turn yellow. You don’t give them sun, they turn yellow. It’s like a child screaming whom you’ve fed and changed and napped and you still can’t get to stop lol. But now I have plants in abundance and need to come up with some creative ways to display them. That’ll be another day . . .

Once the day was done, I made a stop for some yummy chocolate froyo with raspberries and peanut butter cup sprinkles. Want to know a secret? I also include 4 or 5 red gummy bears on top to east first separately. It’s nostalgic and reminds of days gone by when I use to include them as toppings. I’m silly like that. By mid afternoon I was ready to be home. So much so that I could barely keep my eyes open! A nap was definitely in order to recharge and feel refreshed.

Now I’m just relaxing on the couch watching war movies and feeling relaxed. What’s on the agenda tomorrow? Stay tuned for adventures in cleaning and tales from the peony gardens! I’m sure there will be plenty of goodness to share.

Hugs & Love!



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