Things I Love Thursday!


Things I Love Thursday!

The Place I’m At. I’m struggling a lot right now with my current place in life. It feels like my boat was rocked and now it’s uncomfortable. I know I’m not suppose to continue the way I was, but I’m really gripping the ledge with my fingertips to try to find new footing. This must be what limbo feels like. They say get comfortable with being uncomfortable and new things will happen. Well hunny, this is right up there with a proctology exam. Everything has its own timing and purpose and I believe whole-heartedly that to rush it means rushing the beauty of the end result, but again, uncomfortable. I keep my fingers and toes crossed that good things are a’ comin’!

Like A Boss. I had a great week! Oh sure it was crazy busy, but so many things got done and I have new people coming out of my ears. I have new personal clients and new contacts for work and a brand spankin’ new client for the program who I know will be a great supporter. Don’t ef it up J. The best thing? Seeing the giddy schoolboy look on my boss’ face. I revel in creating this look because it means I pleasantly surprised him. You think that’s a neat trick? You just wait!

 Smaller Sizes & Shexshy Panties. My body feels like it’s in this awkward transition phase since I’m losing weight. Like it isn’t quite used to it and doesn’t know where to put things. I guess this ain’t such a bad problem to have though since I went shopping this weekend and bought smaller sizes. The other thing I got was new shexshy panties. It was irking me that the lace, etc was separating on my lovely panties. I can’t take that. I refuse to be one of those girls who keeps panties way past their expiration date. That’s gross and frankly, who feels sexy in those? And who wants to explain it . . . not I said the wee bee. Soooooo, I bought a boat load of new panties that make me feel good and pretty to go along with the clothes. It’s a good place to be at. Been awhile . . .

PS – You should go get yourself something to feel shexshy too! Do it. Now.


Little Loves . . .

 The driving range & getting $2 drivers from my friend’s garage sale. You can bet your bottom that I’ll be partaking in $5 ladies Wednesdays!  10 cent stoneware bowls  Summer finally arriving in Oregon ♥ Working outside on the deck in the warm sunshine  The Xmen movies  It finally being warm enough to open all the windows in the house and air everything out ♥ Boo couch cuddles  Summer thunderstorms with lightning  Chicken skewers. I think I’m addicted.  Orangesicle cups ♥ Shopping trips for 50% off!!!  Breakfast with the pops  Nap time  New shexshy panties ♥ Ice Road Truckers and The Glades finally being back  Burnt oranges and warm reds  Driving with the windows open to Guns N’ Roses. It reminds me of Phoenix  Stan Lee. Can we keep you?  It’s almost time for peonies and movies in the park  “I can’t see the wine through these”  Raspberry mojitos. Dear Lord these are trouble, but yum!  Tackling my challenges head on and gettin’ it done  New tank tops True Blood. No pun intended, but I’m slowly getting sucked into this show. The sad thing is, I have no idea why . . .  Reenacting “Waaaaaaassssssuuuuuuuup!” at the course. Oh yeah. I was stylin’. And this might forever play in my head. ♥ Discovering jewelery in my collection that I haven’t worn in a while. It’s like all new goodness! Learning the difference between complement and compliment. Thank you Chipper.   Letting go. More. Coming up with my summer to-dos The Prophecy Holding on for dear life to the “Everything Will Be Ok” thought Sleeping through it all Rocking the program! Friend hugs Peanut. Heart peanut. “Over there, over there and up there.” Sopes. I cannot wait! The Thesaurus. A girl’s best friend! “You have two choices, you can either be fat and jolly or you can be a skinny bitch. You cannot be both.”


She Drives Me Crazy


99 Red Balloons


 Happy thursday lovies! 


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  1. I Think You Can Always Be a Bitch…….Whether you’re skinny or fat. And I don’t mean you personally, I mean everyone in general. There’s always the ability to be bitchy as well as happy. It just depends on who you are and where you’re at in your head at that moment in time.

    It probaly takes more energy to be bitchy. All those negative tghoughts and the energy to transmit them outward. Whereas to be happy, you just need to curl your mouth upwards and goe from there.

    Happy Thursday.

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss! I’m glad you feelin’ yoself in those smaller, sexier undies. You DESERVE it.

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