There is always that.

Tonight is an uber short post. Thankfully I did most of my TiLT earlier this week so there wasn’t a lot to do there and I did it when I was a happy camper. If I did it now, no bueno. This week has been a roller coaster it feels like and frankly, I feel like I got dragged over the hump today. It was kind of crappy and I had a whole plan for this afternoon/evening that quickly by the wayside. I left work and the pain came. A killer migraine and my entire body wants to curl up into the fetal position and cry right now. My kidneys hurt and the rest of my body doesn’t want to move. Going to dinner with the pops and helping him briefly with the t set was about all I could muster. I don’t even want to get up and get my comforter out of the dryer. With the way I feel now, if tomorrow wasn’t going to be nice and I thought I thought it’d be ok, I’d stay home. And damnit, I was planning on partaking in ladies night at the golf course and playing with my new $3 drivers. Bummer. I was already cranky from the day and not having food in my tummy hardly, but this just adds insult to injury. Maybe God said let there be humbleness for tomorrow. Maybe I’m just meant to keep my head down and my mouth shut tomorrow and do my work and go home. Who knows. Either way, I’m not a fan of feeling like this.



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