Excuse Me Sir, You Seem To Be Running A Space Opera


I have lots of things I could and probably should write about, but at the moment, it seems as though there is a mental block with all of the randomness filling up my skull. Random man strikes again! So now you get to indulge in my randomness too . . .

Dry cleaning deliveries. My dad is a rad man. He let me sneak in my jackets when he was running to the dry cleaner last week and I utterly forgot about them until I came home to fresh dry cleaning on my door. Such a sweetheart! Melt.

I’m generally one of the sensible people who has good whole meals for each sitting and doesn’t eat really randomly. However, this week my stomach has been in knots so last night I split a pb&j with the puppydog (blame my mom!) and tonight I found nothing wrong with booze and chocolate. Oh yeah sure I had a bit of chicken first. But after my day today, the raspberry mojito hit just the spot! The second one just reminded me of it. On my drive home (don’t worry, lots of time between drinks and only two) I couldn’t find anything that sounded so good that I really wanted it for dinner. Damn. Chocolate it is . . . Unfortunately, now I have a hankering for sopes tomorrow. Double damn.

I have a chunk missing out of the bottom of my hand. Someone mistook it for chocolate today. Do I look like the kind of girl who just walks around with chocolate on my hand? Scratch that. But really? Where did he think the chocolate came from? Am I a magic fountain of chocolate that I was unaware of? If so, that’d just be one more thing to add to my awesomeness.

The misc soldier rejection box has been sitting under my dresser for a while now. Haha, I almost typed erection there. Admit it, you thought I was too. But it’s still sitting there. Wrapped in mountains of postal tape, peaking its head out solemnly, wondering if there will ever be a use for its contents. I often wonder if there will ever be a use for my contents either. Don’t worry box, you aren’t alone. So the big debate is do I give the contents to TY or do I first let the boys at work pick through them since it was a boy box. I have no clue . . .

The Brave One. Ever have those times where you have a hankering to watch a specific something? For some reason all week I’ve been wanting to watch this movie. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s a power thing and I find it fascinating. Who knows . . .

Ask and you shall receive. Last night I gave up. Sometimes you really need to give up. Only when you let go can you let other good things in. I asked for goodness today. I asked from the bottom of my bones for goodness moving forward. Asked for help. So moving forward, I’m just going to keep asking for goodness and for help and know that it will come as it should. Do you need to ask for a lil bit of goodness too?



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