Things I Love Thursday!


So it’s a weird time right now, but I’m wading my way through the boshit. It’s been a little rough, but I’m determined to find my way and I know there’s something good for me at the end of the tunnel. Please oh please let it come soon!

Purging My Room ~ My room has been one hot mess for quite some time now. Oh sure, it was functional, but let’s face it . . . functional is far off from great. I want great dag nabbit! So for the first time in months I can see a phantasmal portion of my floor, my dresser is fully cleaned off for the first time in months, my book shelf is realistic and stuff I’ve been “meaning to do” actually got done. My goal right now is to simplify my life. To keep only that which I use and need and rid myself of the rest of the sillyness. Frankly, I have waaaaay too much stuff. I always love going away to hotel rooms, etc because everything is simplified and basic. I need to make my surroundings more like that. You can’t really be ready to bring in new goodness if you’re holding on to other things. There’ll be no room.

Foxy Day ~ Foxy day went very well for me. Looked good, for the most part felt good. I think I relented some of my power lately and now that feels like a bit of an open wound. I’m not going to fight it though. Whatever happens happens. But one thing is for sure . . . the bitch is back.

The Sunny Weekend Forecast ~ Oh my heavens, please oh please be warm like they say! It’s June already, it needs to warm up already. Because they say it’s going to be super duper nice this weekend, I’m heading out to The Dalles and the forecasted 80 degree weather. Yes please! “Oh the weather outside is weather”

Little Loves . . . 

 Getting loads of laundry done ♥ Sunshine everywhere I went this weekend  Smith Rock. So beautiful! I can’t wait to hike it one day.  Getting my planters planted and realizing my dahlias survived and are coming back. Kinda puts a kink in my planter plan, but eh, when it rains it pours! ♥ Spacious hotel rooms with lovely balconies ♥ Outdoor concerts ♥ Meeting new people ♥ Coffee dates  Compost. It’s amazing what natural recycled things can do. Catching my Dad watching the Bachelorette  Tshirts in yellow and mint green  Pb&j sandwiches with the puppydog  Lovely leftovers Ladies who lunch “I AM ENOUGH” on my body Finding my balance again. I think I tipped a bit, but now I’m determined to get it back. “Balance is not letting anyone love you less than you love yourself.” New hairstyles  Little Dahling  Taking to one of my favs about cookies and dumbasses ♥ Chai tea & banana bread Early bed times

Hoist The Colours

 Kenny Loggins & Steve Perry together in a song. Oh my geez, LOVE! 


Happy thursday lovers!



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