Umm, Yeah, About That . . .


I think I’m being punished for something today. Must be all the blowjobs and booze from my past life. Kidding. Maybe I’m being kept from something. Who knows. What I do know is that there is some crappy karma goin on here. I need to fix that tomorrow.

Of course, you might be wondering what possible suckage could be so terrible that I would utter such things . . . First, I do a wicked side plant off my deck into my driveway. That’s right folks, rolled the ankle and went oh so down. And of course, laying there in the driveway wondering who might have seen your smooth move and calculating where the pain later might attack, I look over and see a giant chunk missing from the heal of my hand. Rad. Next, I go to return bottles and only one machine is accepting plastic and the rest go up and down in functionality the whole time. At least it was warm though and the people around me were nice. Next, I make a quick run to Fred’s for compost and end up getting plagued with stunningly amazing people who can’t count and think that just because they have the wrong size shipment of compost in stock that they are going to convince me that 4 cubic feet is going to be the compensation equivalent of me paying for 4.5 cubic feet. Um yeah, I think not. Nice try folks. In the end it came out fine, I got an extra 1/2 a foot, but alas, it took some fenagling. All I wanted was some compost. And finally, I plead my case with a final example . . . I stubbed my toe. Hard. On a door frame. All because I’m lovin’ my lil’ spotbot.

In spite of all of that though, you know that I try to stay positive so in an effort to continue this . . . Here are some things I’m loving today:

  • The Bissell Spotbot Pet: I am a weensie bit skeptical of DIY carpet cleaning machines. But alas, we cannot afford to keep having our carpets professionally cleaned every time my dog decides to be spiteful. We’ve already done so twice this year. That’s more than in the last five years, lol. So after a little reasearch and reading the reviews I finally decided upon the Spotbot. And I am happy to report that despite my awesome confusion with the directions originally, this little thing is amazing. It is the bane of my existence to be on my hands and knees scrubbing burber carpet while smelling puppy pee. Yeehaw! Hence why I love this thing. I fill it, push the button and then watch it go to work. Secretly, I find the whole scrubby brushy thing goin’ on mesmerizing. Maybe that’s just me though. My final review . . . A+! If you have a pet or even messy kids and maybe just messy house guests (because I know you aren’t), this thing is definitely a God-send. And at only $10 bucks a bottle, the pet stain/oder remover additive really is worth the buck.
  •  Band-aids & Store Brands: I am stuck on band aid brand and band aid’s stuck on me. When you hurt yourself, ya gotta have the right band aid. I think it’s the mark of a rad woman if she can get hurt and then pick herself up and do what needs to be done. I hate alcohol on a scrape or cut. Peroxide is better, but not by much. And digging into your broken palm for goodies . . . no bueno. But alas, I had stuff to do and a little booboo wasn’t going to stop me. I am not a huge fan of neosporin, I don’t much care about it. Oh sure yeah, it does it’s job, but for most things I don’t use it. But when you hand is gaping open, you think about reconsidering. But not at 8 bucks a box. That’s right, this is one thing I’ll take the chipper chicken on. After comparing the store brand to the brand name, hells no I’m not paying 5 bucks more for no good reason you silly goose!
  • Little Notebooks: I’m in love with teensie notebooks right now. I haven’t decided what they heck I’d do with them, but I love them. Maybe ideas or maybe just lots of lists. Who knows. But they’re so cutes!
  • Piles Of Clean Laundry: I’m not a huge fan of doing laundry. Oh yeah sure, I’ll do it, it’s a necessity. But alas, I cannot stand hanging clothes up. Love to fold. Could fold till the cows come home. But hanging up is a whole other matter. I’m thrilled though that the huge gross pile waiting to be done at my door is now a huge clean folded pile at the foot of my bet. Yay for clean clothes! 
  • Muscle Relaxers & The Like: I preface this entire section by saying that I am not an advocate of narcotics or prescription drug usage and I believe that your liver highly deserves minimal usage of anything unnecessary throughout your lifetime. I didn’t even take the drugs they gave me for recovering from surgery or when I broke my leg. I’m that much of a minimalist. That being said, when you’re a clutz like me and you know you’re going to hurt nicely come tomorrow, sometimes they really can be your friend. Thank you for being so nice to me.
  • Mostly Tech-Free: I leave tomorrow! I’m so so so excited. I have complete faith that it’s going to be absolutely beautiful wherever I go and dry for the entire concert. I really need a break away out of town. To just be. And I’m really looking forward to being mostly tech free all weekend. Oh sure, I’ll have my stuff with me and be taking picture, but I’m not doing work unless it’s to work a little on my project, I’m not sending emails, I’m not texting or messaging and I’m not talking to anyone. It’s a “me weekend” and bitch, it’s mine!


I hope that you all have a safe and happy weekend filled with tons o’ goodness. Hugs & Love!



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