Weekend Thingy Things


Ok, so I’m going to blog and then go on about my day. It’s kind of a late start today because I stayed up mucho late last night cleaning. I know, I’m weird. Most twenty-somethings are staying up late bar hopping or clubbin, I’m at home cleaning. Oh yeah baby. The excitement abounds! The truth is, my house is a mess. I hate saying that out loud because that means it’s been bugging me for a while and I haven’t done much about it. No bueno. But frankly, I can’t take it anymore. Being in other people’s homes makes me realize how much ridiculous crap I have. Being in hotel rooms makes me realize how much I don’t want to have these things. And losing weight makes me realize I really need to get realistic about what I’m wearing. I’m not allowed to bring anything else home until I do. I can finally see the top of my dresser and it looks good. Though I don’t often adhere to it, I am a firm believer that everything has its place and if it doesn’t then it doesn’t belong. I’ve been hanging on to things I thought I would use or hang up, but didn’t. Not cool.

So it’s purge day! I’m holding myself hostage until this is done. I can’t come out and play until I’m content with my progress. I’m getting rid of the books I have no interest in reading, the knick knackS I don’t love, the useless items I have no need of and the clothes I don’t wear. And I have a full list of things to get done before I leave tomorrow for perfect goodness! It’s good to write down your plan so then you know what to do and you’re committed, so here’s mine:

  • Get dressed (a good start)
  • Return bottles & cans for extra spending dough
  • Buy compost
  • Finish laundry
  • Take out recycling once and for all!
  • Dishwasher load
  • Sort through all clothing and make giveaway pile
  • Put all clothes away
  • Sort through entryway, table and hallway mail (yes, there’s too many places.)
  • Tidy & dust
  • Vacuum
  • Use Spotbot Pet for the first time!
  • Dismantle workstation table and relocate dog crate
  • Clean bathroom & change out linens
  • Hang painting in bathroom

I think that’s a good start. I may add more to that list later, but for now, that’s my goal. I’m off like a dirty shirt!



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