Things I Love Thursday


Happy Thursday! The crazy week just keeps going. I knew it was going to be a wild ride, but booooooy howdy! I don’t even know what to do with myself right now. Being pulled in fifty billion directions and I can’t stop thinking. I cannot wait for this weekend of nothing but me love!!! I really need it. A fantastic long drive, a lovely hotel with a GIANT BED sans puppydog and a fabulous concert. And I have supreme faith in sunshine for this weekend. Fingers crossed, hearts lifted and lots of warm extras just in case. I’m not terribly keen on travelling with the masses, but it’ll be worth it.

Nursery Excursions ~ I delighted I spent boatloads too much money on a nursery excursion the other day! Ok ok, not thrilled about the boatloads of moneys part, but I’m so excited to have new plants. I got hostas and perdy flowers for my brick planter, though sadly, more are needed. Or maybe not so sadly, hehe. I also but purple and yellow petunas and herbs a plenty for my pots. I can’t wait to finally have them all planted. And to get more goodness!

Latourell Falls ~ My hideaway. My place to escape and everything melts away. I feel at home in this place and returning feels like I have no idea why I haven’t been in so long. I used to go up in the evenings or weekends, run the trail and always stand at the falls and feel a sense of peace I’ve known few other places. I’m happy to finally be back.

Little Loves . . .

No movies, jut books nights  Bananas with a smidge of pb ♥ Ants on a log ♥ Travel pee stops  Farmer’s markets ♥ Bar cuddle ups out of necessity ♥ Finding out I have monday off and don’t have to use vacation time for it!  My Bend trip finally being here  Warm sunshine days ♥ Seven Pounds. I always cry over this movie.   Vivaldi string concertos on youtube!  Breakfast at Multnomah Falls  Huge arse laundry piles finally getting done!  Frog sounds & neighbor convos  Cascade locks finally getting caramels in. It’s not often I’m out there so it was so nice that they finally had them in!  Seeing the floor of my room again  Lists. I can’t help it, I just love making them.  “Waaaaaassssuuuuuup!” I long to movie montage this while shooting golf balls. There will be success!  Plie dates in stretchy pants  Brow Betty  It almost being peonie season.  “I kissed him and then went to have my face ripped off”  Random bruises. I get so many random bruises that I have no clue where they come from. It’s like I’m technicolor, hehe.  Neighbor attraction to my puppydog. She’s like honey.  Discovering new clothes in my closet  Getting my gift cheque just in time for rw dollars and sexy panties. Perfect timing you sneaky petes!  Being invited to a girlie super social luncheon ♥  Planning gifts of salad for friday complete with cranberries  Hand holding. This is a completely understated, but amazing thing of goodness. If you have the opportunity to, please oh please partake!  Being terrified again. It’s been sooooooo long! I’ve been so scared of it that I forgot how necessary it is ♥

 These Akexander McQueen skull boots. Delicious love!

 This commercial for Sony Bravia. I find it amazing.


Happy thursday my dahling ladies and jellyspoons!



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