Things I Love Thursday!


 Tonight a man asked me what I want. He genuinely asked me what I want. And I couldn’t say it out loud. I couldn’t admit it because to say it out loud would mean it’s real. Saying out loud would mean something else than what I’m currently designed to. But then again, it poses the question . . . What is your purpose? What do you want? I know I don’t want to be someone who wastes their giffts and potential. I don’t want to be someone who ignores their purpose because all that does is eat away at your soul.

I LOVE having someone in my life I can read. Someone I knew from the moment I saw them, not spoke to or heard, but saw, that I knew I would like. Someone who is like me, and is surprised when they are read. The only person who can read someone like me . . . someone else like me.

 Sunshine! Sunshine has finally come to Ptown. It may be only a short time, but the loveliness is amazing. I cannot wait for more! Bring on the warm. I want a perfect warm concert outting next weekend and warm sunny kayaking nights. I’m so excited for this again.


Little Loves . . .

  Chocolate brown slipcovers & DIY pillows  Proving people wrong ♥ Finally seeing the final products for my tiles  Finding my heart necklave after worrying I had lost it  BBQ’d chicken kabobs ♥ Fresh curls ♥ Special K w/ red berries  Technicolor parrot tulips  Djiman Hounsou! How gorgeous is that man! And on top of it, finding out he’s with Kimora Lee Simmons. Could that be a better couple? I think not.  My family saving “the chair” for me. I’m sooooo excited to get it home!  Mint green tshirts. If it’s still there when I go back, then it was meant to be. ♥ Getting my friend to love vibram shoes as much as I do! Sugar free pudding. J-E-L-L-O  Finally seeing Defiance again. This movie makes me glad and sad and everything else in the soul. But I think it’s important to know and to remember our humanity.  Getting approved for my car loan! Ok, so it’s not a new car yet, but I’m refi-ing into my name completely and jumping up the payment time period a couple of months so the whole thing scares the bajezus out of me but I know it’s a good direction. Ack for being an adult!  “The mama bear and her”  Dreaming of Ghana and Panama. Africa scares the crap out of me, but what an experience that would be and to help people! Do I dare? ♥ Beastly. Again.  Watching The Last Airbender again. I know people were upset where it came from, but I really want to know what’s next. And I like his movies. Finally having my phone interview. Oh my god, could this take any longer?!  Emma Stone!  Will & Alicia finally gettin’ together!  Arnold Palmers. Yum!

 This scene from Beetlejuice. Day-O!


Easy A. Do you have some wood to knock on?


And finally, this has been stuck on my mind today. And in case you didn’t know, at the time this was made, this was the most expensive music video ever put together. Heart.

Happy thursday lovies!



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  1. So my question is: WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT?

    I too would like to know. You have already accomplished way more than I ever did at your age, except for maybe the marriage thing, whicha s you know did not work out so well, so kudos to you for not falling into that trap too soon. Anyway, tis is you mother and inquiring minds want to know.
    Love Ya, MOM

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