Tons O’ Goodness

Ok, so I’m so awesome and so behind that I’m doing three goodness posts in one. Booyah bitches! So here we go folks . . .

A couple of weekends ago I found myself on a shopping excursion. It wasn’t meant to be such a willy nilly thing, but alas, the goodness just kept following me. New fun panties that make smile every time. I mean really, how can you not smile over booty flamingos?! I also found myself in love with linen pants and a gorgeous cream purse which my skinny jeans have since faded on to slightly sadly. We shall have to remedy. It even has a pink & white polka dot lining. Be green with envy. I rounded out the day with the most divine treat . . . Moonstruck Chocolate. I can’t exclaim enough how stunning this is! Even Oprah thinks so and therefore you must get. Go. Now.

The next weekend I found myself attempting to once again donate blood with no avail and instead took myself to yummy breakfast afterwards and other perfection . . .

I heart Cup & Saucer. It’s one of those Portland finds that I find to be amazing. The oatmeal is always made to order so I never end up with overly gooey wetness, the potatoes always taste yum, the fruit is always fresh and the bacon is always thick and crisp. And you’re never dining alone when accompanied by the Willamette Weekly.

Next I went to a wonderful paint n’ fire ceramics place off of Stark to use my Groupon. Ok, I’ll be honest, I was uber frustrated, so all I did was hide at my very own picnic table in the back, listen to my ipod and attempt to paint pretty tiles. In the end, this is what I came up with in a two or so hours . . .

Later that night I found myself at my first ever indulgence of the Portland Baroque Orchestra. Sitting there listening to Stravinsky and dreaming in color. The next afternoon I was transported to Cuba by the yummyiest group of cuban musicians accompanied by the Oregon Symphony. What a lovely weekend to be soaked in art and musical endulgence. More please!


And finally, the next weekend was spent with my amazing family. We traveled up to Seattle to meet my sister and her family for lunch. And of course, the most perfect thing was that despite all the poo-pooing about rain, it was sunny the whole time! Oh yeah, fist pump for the sunshine finder. We had lunch at the most interesting restaurant and I am happy to say, I FINALLY got the BLT sandwich I had been hankering forever for. And it was good.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in such an ecclectic restaurant.

And of course, never under-estimate the beauty of family!!!

Once we finally got home after all of the hustle and hub-bub, I was ready to conk out. I spent the night at Moomoo’s and had the most interesting sleep in a simple room complete with a spaz of cat who thought my headphones and fingertips were play things. And also woke up to another fuzzy furball and the most delicious thing ever known to man . . . apple pancakes. OMG YUM! And when I say pancake, don’t think american style, think German style in a cast iron skillet. Oh dear heaven, the world was a perfect place that day. Going up to my mom’s is like a mini vacation. A place to relax and talk and enjoy. It’s nice to escape.

And there you have it ladies and jellyspoons, three weekends a la one post. Hugs & Love!


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