New Music Monday!


NMM: New Music Monday!

Albeit a few hours late, but who gives. With the soon-to-be/already released new album of the Beastie Boys, I swear I’ve been hearing them everywhere. Not that that’s a bad thing. They say your general auditory consumption stops around the end of high school. Oh sure those artists put out new music and you like it, but it’s still that sound or those people. Thank heavens, I do not feel like that is the case for me! I think you stop taking in the moment you allow that to be the case. I distincly remember their songs playing growing up, but I don’t think I really appreciated into now. Now I’ll rock out in the car with total gangsta NY attitude! So here are my favs . . .

Intergalic. This song waxes on nostalgic for me. And I always loved the robbot video.

You gotta Fight! For Your Right To Party!

Gotta love a Fatboy Slim Beastie Boys song. Heart Body Movin’. 


Happy Monday! Err . . . Tuesday.


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