Things I Love Thursday!

Mother. Hubbard. What a nuttykins week!!! On top of being a bad plant mommy, I feel like I’ve been a cruddy blogger this week. I fell asleep super duper early monday only to wake up at 3:30 in the morning and not being able to fall back asleep. I got reamed and the reinvented myself and now it’s been mucho busy. I love busy, but I love breathing too. I long for a good soak in a big tub! I have a new order in from a client that will be lovely for a lil extra spending coin, a test bunny client, phones up the wazoo and a program to kick into high gear. Plus restarting my sugar challenge. I fell off the good boat into the hormonal sea and oh no, bad J. Silly bean. I commit to getting back on track with my sugar challenge and to coming back to the blogosphere!

 Little Loves . . .

New hairs!  Blue tshirts  The Bissell Spotbot being 20 bucks cheaper + a $20 gift card  Seeing my sister and meeting her family  Sunshine in Seattle  Talking to my fav people  Finally getting my BLT! I’ve had a ridiculous hankering for a month now and it was perfect  Puppy play days  Getting 3 new clients! ♥ Delicious margaritas courtesy of my fabulous not-quite-bartender-turned-coworker  Planning a 4th of July trip ♥ Mr Roger’s sweaters ♥ “He beered it out of me!”  My Decemberists concert NOT being cancelled  Being suckered in to tickets to the next opera season  Magazine subscriptions  Finally hearing back about my volunteer application  A groupon to the double decker pink tour bus and a p-perk for a surprise dome car train trip for my pops  FINALLY doing laundry . . . because it needed to be done  Falling asleep to frog noises  Seeing the first ice cream truck of the season  My beautiful friend going to Honduras. I’m so jealous!  Wondering what I want my life to look like from here forward ♥ Man deodorant – Fiji old spice. Yum!  “I’m sorry, you need to go away. You’re wafting.”  My moomoo and her lil heart . . . even if it is misguided all the way around the block by Boo  Drinks after work Single-servings of guac  Graham Crackers and milk! My lord how you’ve saved me!  Pants deliveries  Creamsicles  “the heart grows weaker every time we do something opposite of what we feel”  The “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” campaign to end sex trafficking. This plague on our society has recently been thrust into the spotlight and I’m happy it finally has. It’s about time! 

The Paul Smith Love Too Wall Hanging From The Carrie Bradshaw Apartment. Must. Make. One.

The Little Nash Rambler song by The Playmates

A Silent Film’s impromptu cover of Teenage Dream


Happy Thursday ladies and jellyspoons!



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