Things I Love Thursday!


Happy Cinco De Mayo!

This week has been crazy busy with hectic and wonderful things. I’m super late with the last two weekend’s goodness, but I definitely will have to share all of the goodies and treasures of deliciousness! It’s amazing what little changes and a little different thinking can do for you. Big loves this week:

 ♥ Fitting Into My “Skinny Jeans” ~ Definitely not to be confused with the grotesque skinny jean trend that is the effervescent producer of lumps, bumps and muffin tops a’ plenty, “skinny jeans” are that pair of jeans that a woman stashes in her closet with the hopes of one day soon inching into again. That day has finally come lovies! I bought a pair of bootcuts months upon months ago and never bothered to return them despite not quite fitting into them at the time because I figured “one day it will happen”. Last night I was thinking how swimming my jeans are getting and today with a lack of nice clean jeans thought “oh what the hell, what’s the harm in trying them on”. Voila! There is nothing like a pair of good butt jeans.

♥ Coworker Collectiveness ~ Last week was uber stressful with me and I was at the end of my rope with a coworker. Truth be told, I was nigh close to kicking him in the rump. But alas, we have to work together and it’d be nice if we could have fun, civil conversations amongst us like the other boys in class. So this week, I instead opted to change my own attitude and play nice and that seems to be going well. Fingers crossed!

Buh-Bye Sugar, Hello Fabulous! ~ I’ll definitely have to detail this out further in a later this post, but I pretty much quit sugar this week. This is a really huge deal for me and if it works (in multiple ways) that would really be amazingly stupendous because it would change a lot health-wise. Thus far I’m pleased with how it’s going and look forward to more goodness. Sometimes you ask yourself, is what I’m “giving up” worth the trade of what I could possibly gain? I’m thinking yes!


Little Loves . . .

♥ Happy Cinco De Mayo! ♥ Margaritas & enchiladas at work ♥ My Life As Liz. Love!!! ♥ Four days coming off sugar ♥ New hair-dos! ♥ Ruby red lips ♥ Soft skin finally ♥ Polka dots & stripes ♥ Making it through the almost-pee-my-pants client meeting and coming out great in the end, thank heavens! ♥ Feeling like I’m myself again ♥ Vivaldi on strings ♥ The hot-cha-cha Cuban men this weekend. Ole! ♥ Getting a little extra pay day to help towards my brakes ♥ Warm sunny days and hoping that summer is just around the corner ♥ Delivery packages filled with clothes and tickets! ♥ G.I. Jane ♥ Graham cracker snacks ♥ Avacados & a scoach of pico ♥ Ham sandwiches, chicken & strawberries and then lovely make-your-own salad bar ♥ Viggo in shorty shorts ♥ Seattle bound this weekend! ♥ Resetting my body clock back to normal again ♥ Bright, full, lovely cherry blossoms ♥ The lilacs coming into bloom ♥ Finally being able to see how my tiles came out today! ♥ Mango salsa ♥ The man meat screensaver my friend sent. Dork love! ♥ Ladies who lunch in the sunshine ♥ Learing empathy ♥

♥ Sarah Kay. Oh how I love your style.

♥ Don’t wait. Save the shoes now!


 Happy Thursday!



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