U is for . . .


U is for . . . Y-O-U

U. It’s integral part of words like umbrella and unicorn. It’s also an integral part of y-o-u. Without it, it’d just be yo. So perhaps you should also think about what’s integral to y-o-u. What do you find a must-have, never compromise, do-or-die part of who you are? For me it’s art, music, style, love, honor, honesty, loyal friendships, wonderful family, kindness, karma and treating the world and each day as though it’s a gift.


You were born with a world of possibility and stars in your eyes.
You were born to memorize, rationalize, internalize and theorize
about all the wonderful things your life would be.
You were given steps to move you forward and a head to pull you back,
a will to keep you going and a heart to keep you . . .
on the right track.
The only person who knows you inside and out is the person that can keep you safe from doubt,
trust, believe, you were made for this,
your mojo, your flow, your rock and ro,
your jazz, pizzaz and oh,
how your love has frazz-led and jumped forward.
Over, under, by leaps abound,
keep your feet on the ground and you head in the clouds.
Listen with every ounce of your being, every piece of your soul,
ever fiber of your body to the tip of your nose.
Hear what the world is saying, listen to the music and see what they are playing.
Be who you were meant and live your true life,
follow your heart and you’ll be free of strife.
Dig in the dirt and sink your toes in the sand,
feel the water on your skin and the sun on your hands.
Know that this isn’t the end, you’ve been here before,
you’ll be here again when you walk through that door.


What are YOU made for?


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  1. This was EXCELLENT. You must have gotten your writing skills from your grandfather and me of course.
    I like the way it fows and rhymes.

    Love, MOM

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