One Day I Will Have A Man That Smells Like My Left Arm . . .


One Day I Will Have A Man That Smells Like My Left Arm.
And Other Such Goodness . . .


Oh thank heavens this week is overwith. I could not take one more day of the work week. And despite all of the busyness going on at work, I don’t even mind that. But it’s tense right now for sensical nonsense reasons and thus I counted down the hours while longing to escape . . .

And come 4:30, I was escaping like my pants were on fire! First I took myself out to a movie. Every once in a while, you need a movie date night. Saw Fast Five. Other than a stupid part that was crappy acted, the rest of the movie was great. Exactly what I’ve come to expect. And here’s a hint: If you go see, stay through the credits, there’s a little something extra.

Afterwards I had too much good vibe going on to head home, so I opted to go spend my groupon to The Body Shop instead. I was quickly reminded why I haven’t stepped foot in malls in years . . . I hate them. Pretty much everything about the mall I can’t stand. The crowds, the hard floors, the overabundance of noise. Yeah, no thanks. The only thing making me subjecting myself to this is groupon goodness. $45 for $20 in fact. To be honest, I can’t stand girls smells. I don’t like complex, fruity, frilly smells. The hubub hurts my nose. So places like parfumeries and bath & body shops are not a place I frequent. Just the same it’s nice to treat yourself to some goodness every once in a while that makes you feel perdy. After circling the store like a crazy lady 3 times, I kept finding myself being drawn to the men’s scents. This after happens to me. They are simple and if nothing else, remind of a man. My right arm came out smelling lovely, something I could wear myself. One day, my man will smell like my left arm. In the end I came out with a tub o’ Shea body butter, a lip moisturizer, a green tote bag and ruby red lips for this weekend. I felt a little daring . . .

I’m getting the urge to shake things up in my life and it won’t go away. I’m not all together unhappy or anything, but I get the very distinct pull to be something other than what I currently am. I have a feeling this year’s going to be a wild ride!

How are you feeling? Do you need to change it up?



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