R is for . . .


R Is For Random Factoids


  • I’ve broken the same ankle twice. I secretly think being casted is pretty neat.
  • I have double jointed thumbs, but can never pop my neck
  • I have three birthmarks
  • I sort M&Ms by color and by twos. (Not to be confused, I can eat them straight out of the bag and not care. I just like it this way if I have the time.)
  • I love girly high heels, but live in flip-flops because pain can only be tolerated for so long
  • A dishwasher should be loaded a certain way.
  • I feel there is no excuse for muffin top, crack views or ill-fitting bras. You are too pretty. Fix that junk.
  • I get nervous when other people drive for the first couple times if I don’t know them well. I close my eyes when my one coworker drives. I feel I’m taking my life in my hands each time. This one, will never change.
  • I generally hate store-bought bouquets and often will dismantle and reassemble them. Baby’s breath is a filler that can be pretty on its own and neon flowers don’t belong with pinks, lavenders and greens. Florists need to follow the rules of color, don’t be throwing it all together in a blaze of mis-led glory.
  • I wish I knew how to do more with my hair. I feel very unadventurous.
  • I’m not a huge fan of heights
  • I think air conditioning is over-used, especially while driving
  • Every woman should know basic sewing skills like repairing a seam or sewing on a button
  • Other than my ears, I have no piercings. I wish I were brave enough for a tattoo, but I know if one began, it would bring down the empire and I’d want more.
  • I believe in doing as much as you can. And then doing a little more.
  • I eat Reses’ Peanut Butter cups center first and then the outsides. I eat oreos by licking out the center, smushing them back together and then dunking the outsides in milk.
  • I can’t eat kilsbasa. It’s a real shame.
  • I wish more people were less afraid of their bodies
  • I was made for something very specific and good. I just don’t know what it is yet.


What are some random factoids about you? Do you even know?


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