Things I Love Thursday


 My Little Loves . . .   

Live Free or Die Hard  Colorful panties  Comfy linen pants. I’ve always been against cream/white on the bottom half, but I LOVE these pants!  Being able to see my dresser top again  Hanging out in my living room again after the carpet cleaning  The bed hog named Boo ♥ A new purse with pink polka-dot lining and finding one I had forgotten about in ooo-la-la red  Vibram five-fingered shoes. So odd-looking and definitely something to get used to with the toe separation, but I love them! They are perfect for minimalist shoe-wearers like me. Bonus points if you’re already used to little-to-no shoe a la flips flops.  Finding a wristlet at REI that will hold the essentials on your wrist while out and about. I love this idea because often you either have no pockets, don’t want to put money and the like in your pockets or just don’t want to lug around a purse. Or all of the above? ♥ Flower pins being in fashion again  Bandanas  Groupon goodness  Finding the hoop earing I was missing beneath a sofa cushion finally  Hockey nights  Planning a Seattle car trip with the fam to the fam soon  Adele  Double pay days!  Random business coming out of my ears! Thank you Lord for the encouragement  Completing my Lent food challenge  “I hate spring water. I found a dead bird in it once. Nature died in my spring.”  Having my car finally into the shop and getting it taken care of. I’m so excited to have that done, to have a new brake light bulb and to finally have my trunk pop working again! Wahoo! Beware my trunk monkey  Getting into the ceramics studio this weekend  Plain cheerios with bananas and blueberries  The hurdy gurdy!!! Do you know what it is? You really should. ♥ Drew Carey’s Improv-a-ganza. I’m addicted to this show. Oh how I’ve missed you guys. Heart! All of the amazing people at the A.R.C. for your tremendous help in fixing the glitch and helping me to be able to save lives again. And for thanking me for doing it. Contemplating taking a class on HIV and blood pathogens because I find it fascinating. Ugh, the nurse in me.  Deciding that I need to do a clean out session again this weekend. Waaaaay too much stuff right now. Need to simplify!  Yellow. I can’t wear it actively, but little doses are loverly Candy-colored flamingos & boy-thick waist bands Wishful thinking outfits Learning to ignore. I do not have this talent naturally. Seeing that Kristen Cavallari is engaged to Jay Cutler. Wow. Just wow. (And SEO, oh yeah). Getting my uncle to come up to NYC later this year when I take the train up. I think that’ll be a trip to remember. And so help me glitter, I better get to the top of the empire state building this time or I will rain monkeys down upon the earth!!!  Sorting M&Ms by colors and evens  Seeing the ridiculous amount of white shirts I own only to realize that they will not all stay white for long, hehe  Barre3. I want to try this so badly! Bouquets of parrot tulips. Hello spring!

Hearing someone’s story of how a transfusion saved their life and being able to say that THAT is the reason I fought so hard to give blood. Approx only 37% of Americans can donate blood. Of that 37%, only 8% actually do. Most are teenagers at high school blood drives. One pint of blood can help up to 3 people. Can you save a life? Do. Find your local blood drive or donation center by visiting The American Red Cross.


 The Dracula Song. Ahahaha!


Happy thursday loves. And remember . . . it’s almost friday. Have some ice cream.



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    • Thanks so much Jade! I definitely try to mix it up and enjoy the lovely things that life brings. Hope it brings goodness to you too!

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