Friday Night Lights



~ Friday Night Lights ~

I thought I’d get the cuteness out-of-the-way. Now that that’s over with, I shall regale you of the awesomeness I called my Friday night this week.

I love watching hockey games live. I’ve decided this. It’s like lacrosse on ice: sticks, padding, and guys beating the bejesus out of each other.What more could a girl want? I tell you what . . . a deliciously yummy guy who smells good and has a beer and a sense of humor sitting next to you so you can have something to sarcastically banter back and forth about while trying to block out the pre-teen justin beiber talk going on in the row behind you. Oh yeah, it was that good.

Do you know that probably half the population does not remove hats and put their hand over their heart while singing the National Anthem? I find this disturbing. (photo not taken during this song, it’d be insult to injury)

It’s the playoffs for the winterhawks so I persuaded my Dad to come along for his first ever hulk smash game experience. I even managed to persuade my coworker to take his kids to the game too. Nothing like waving like a nut job diagonally across the ice while trying to identify a fella of the latin persuasion, two rugrats and a giant red kazoo. It worked well.

Not to be bungled by last minute planning, I called and managed to get awesome seats right next to the team ice entrance. Oh yes I did.

And never forget, every team needs a good mascot! Especially one that high fives and fist bumps.


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  1. You didn’t tell me you went to the hockey game. Did Dad like it? And what about the guy with the beer that smelled good? You never mentioned that……. Didi you forget to tell me this when I talked to you???

    And where are U this morning? I called you. Send me an e-mail.

    Love, MOM

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