New Music Monday


NMM: New Music Monday!

Happy New Music Monday! Lately I’ve come across some wonderful mellow songs that are striking a simple and lovely chord. They are perfect for relaxing and making you think and feel something new. Like a wonderland . . .

“In The Dirt” by S Carey
I love that the voices and lyrics of this song primarily take a back seat to the beat and melody. The song feels like the beat of rain and feeling alive, it all washing over you to show you a new light.

 “Madder Red” by Yeasayer
If nothing else, I love this for the really sad Quasimomo-esque video

 “Blood” by The Middle East
I love the acoustics in this song. It’s like floating.

 “Barricades” by Fyfe Dangerfied
His voice reminds me of Rusus Wainright singing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah


Hugs & Love for sweet dreams and joyous sounds!



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