Weekend Goodness

Happy almost-monday everyone! All in all I’d say it’s been a good and productive weekend. How about you?

I spent the morning Saturday at my first adventure at the Oregon Food Bank garden. Quick soapbox moment: The Oregon Food bank is AMAZING! They service hungry people all across the state both in temporary and long-term situations and I LOVE that they are looking at alternative methods such a farming and gardening to assist in their endeavor with renewable resources. *End scene* I used to always wonder why in the world I grew up on a farm for a brief period of my life and therefore have odd knowledge of things like how to check eggs, why chicken’s feet are yellow, how to cart and spin wool and what lanolin is. I now know it’s because I later would put such skills to good use. And no, not just in explaining why lubriderm reminds me of sheep. First up on the to-do list at the garden? Caring for the chickens and collecting the eggs. Guess who volunteered for that one? Oh yeah baby! It would have waned on nostalgic if I hadn’t remembered that I hate the smell of chicken poo. That being said, collecting eggs was fun and I even had to pick up a chicken and move her. Thank heavens I know how to do that correctly, hehe. I spent the rest of the morning working on my tan (and ass muscles) while weeding out cover crops. This is not a clean job nor is it one for the weak. I now understand why it was that my mother looked at me like I was a nut-o when I asked to do something after she had gotten done gardening. I would have too. Ya work the abs, the arms, your balance and your booty. I’ll be going back again. I spent the rest of the day napping, doing laundry and staying up waaaaaay too late watching various cinematic goodness. I’m very spoiled with the laptop.

Today was spent lazily for the most part. Early morning was spent laying in bed and downloading awesome old school songs on iTunes for 69 cents. Can’t beat that coolio. I did some more laundry, though really it was all repeat. I hate when you swear you checked every pocket and yet you still missed something. I spent all day spray and washing t shirts trying to get chapstick. I’ll be super bummed if it doesn’t come out. It would suck big time. Mid-day I ventured out into the sun. Wait, let me repeat that. The sun. Ooo-eee, it’s so nice to be able to say! What’s that I hear? A whole week of sunshine ahead? Yes please! I drove around for a bit and then met up with the fabulous K for lunch-ish. I always find lunches where you spend the entire time talking about someone else amusing. Especially if you are both of the same mind about an issue. Not in a gossip sort of way, but in a what do you do sort of way. After lunch and goodbye hugs I found myself driving towards one of the most dangerous places . . . the art store. I know, I know, I shouldn’t have. But I had a 50% off coupon and I’ve had the biggest hankering to do some drawing lately. So I found myself some half off colored pencils and yummy gummy rings and a drawing I did go. I go through art moods. Sometimes it’s photography, most of the time it’s painting, and at this moment it is drawing. I spent all evening engrossed in it. I forgot how much I loved it. I think that’s part of the issue being mixed media motivated, it’s not just one thing that draws you in. But when it hits me, I get sucked in. I can’t help it! But it’s nice to be creating again.

I should be turning in now. I hope you all had a stupendous weekend and a happy week to you. Hugs & Love!



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