Things I Love Thursday!


Thank heavens for thursday. The weekend is almost here!

My Little Loves . . . 

 Polka dot pj pants  Sexy panties FINALLY finishing the worksheet . . . the bain of my existence for the last month. ♥ The Shadow. Mmmm, young Alec Baldwin. You’re lovely and charismatic.  Big flower pins. Thank you Atlantic-Pacific for reminding me of my love of them! ♥ Making beef stew again. Yum!  A new hat  My phone still 98% working after my dog knocked it into the water  Dry brushing. I was oh so skeptical of this when I read it on Gala, but thought I’d try it. Just after the first day my skin is softer. I’m sold!  John Frieda’s Brilliant Brunette – Not something I use regularly, but I LOVE the smell every once in a while!  Spring days with sunshine  Finding a green skirt that resembles that from the past that I loved  Buying pretty anemones for my planters  Garden Saturday finally being here!  Eyeballing new purses  Penelope Ann Miller and Christine Ebersole. Stunning in their own right.   Katy Perry’s ET song. I know I know. For the most part I dislike her, but I can’t get it out of my head. It’s a guilty pleasure  The Good Wife

The Mac & Me McD’s Dance Scene. Because he’s a righteous dude.

Will.I.Am’s performance at the VS Fashion Show in ’07. Perfect song for the walk!

Eric Whitacre’s 2011 Virtual Choir of over 2000 voices. Amazing!


 Happy Thursday loves!


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