H is for . . .


H is for Hiking & Happy Birthdays!

For those who don’t know, my mom is the shit. That’s right, the shit. I have the most awesome mom eva! And we spent Saturday celebrating her birthday. One of my favorite things with my mom are road trips and adventures. New places, yummy snacks and always fun!

For Saturday we opted to go up into Washington and try a new trail. I don’t think the day could have gotten much better. It was above 55 degrees all day, didn’t rain, the trail wasn’t wet and for the most part driving was smooth sailing.

Once there, to get on the trail we crossed over this great bridge that crossed over the river. It was a long way down and a stunning view!

We walked along the river, which thanks to plenty of rainfall this year, was clipping along at a really good pace. It reminded me of the movie River Wild and made me want to go kayaking and rafting.

All in all, we walked a great 5 miles and had a wonderful day. And had a good workout too thanks to a three pound weight in my pocket and my awesome dog who thought everything shiny and moving was something to chase after.

I’m so thankful to have great days like these with my mom. Thanks for coming along and happy, happy birthday!



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