Weekend Goodness


I hope everyone is having a lovely end to their weekend! Seeing as it’s a late hour, late for me anyways, I might have to save my H post for tomorrow. But in the meantime, I thought I’d share some of this week’s goodness. I didn’t take a ton of pictures this weekend, and most of what I did take is saved for the H post, but there’s always stuff to share. This past week or two was sort of rough for me, a lot on my mind, but I like to share the goodness that was there. Some of my favorite highlights:

* Canary yellow heels and big chunky rings:

I lo-lo-love these heels, but lord knows they aren’t the most comfortable things. I confess, three inches of heels is a bit too much for me, but for a little dash of fun they are lovely. I’m 5’10 already so what’s a couple more inches? Hehe. And I’m currently obsessed a bit with fun purses and chunky rings. I don’t have itty bitty fingers so they are something I can pull off. It’s something I’m thankful for.

* A dinner date with the divine Miss M and her lovely daughter. What a glitter pair!

* Sunrises and morning warmth:

I truly cannot wait for spring. We’ve had little dashes and tastes of it thus far, but I crave more sunshine. To wear floaty skirts and wispy shirts! I can’t wait to be able to walk Boo in the morning sun again without wearing a jacket. It’ll be here soon enough I suppose, but it’s nice to hope for.


*Accidental bouffant hairstyles. Rock what yo mamma gave you!

PS – it was early morning. Forgive the not quite there smile, hehe. Hugs & Love!



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