G is for . . .

G is for Games and Tomfoolery!

Welcome to friday ladies and jellyspoons! Be light-hearted and lovely. I have fun times to share filled with happy smiles and balloons. Who couldn’t be gay with a day filled with balloons? It’s like a man-day filled with sexin’ and breasts; it’s impossible not to be happy!

I’m not big on pranking. I don’t feel that I am overly devious in my creativity and frankly, retaliation is always swift and filled with shenanigans and well . . .  scares me. Oh sure, I’ll be privy and party to your fun schemes and play along, but ideas aren’t generally my forte’ when it comes to pranking. That all being said, I invite you all to enjoy in my mini photo expose’ of the journey of a prank . . .

First, we decided to play a prank on the poor fellow and through someone else’s evil plotting, even get him to participate in his own demise . . .

Next, he leaves and the office begins to fill up and balloons are strung up . . .

Everyone pitches in with the effort!

The plot thickens and the trap is set . . . and wrapped with a pretty pink bow!

And then, because I got in just a scoach too late, the retaliation began . . . my cube made pretty this morning:

And of course, because misery loves company, I shared the love to my fellow cube mate. I’m sorry. Truly.

In the end, we migrated all of the leftover goodness to the office of a missing comrade in hopes that it will welcome him with open arms on Monday upon his return. It was, after all, his idea.


In summation, this is why we should keep people employed, positive and productive. Friends don’t let friends get bored. There’s too much dignity at stake.
Listen to the weenie dog giraffe, he knows what he’s talking about . . .



PS – Yes, blowing up 5.5 bags of 25 balloons each does make your lips hurt. Just in case you were wondering.



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