F is for . . .

F is for Face

Face is an interesting thing. Shut your face. Stuff your face. Love your face. Hate your face. Miss your face. About face. Funny face. Plain as the nose on your face. Put on a happy face. Face the music. Save face. Hmmm saving face. It’s meant to be a term of keeping your dignity. But instead, I am saving face in a different way. Literally saving my face.

Our society has deemed that symmetry is beautiful and off-set is awkward. Yet no eye or ear is perfectly aligned. There may be a freckle or a time when a wrinkle has been earned.

I’ve always loved my face . . . When I was younger someone called my complexion like peaches ‘n cream. I love the freckles, my family nose, the shape of my lips that look like a wide bow tie and how my eyes change color. I do not fear getting old, in fact I welcome it as part of an ever-evolving life cycle. But I do fear looking in the mirror and my face not being my own. I know when I look in the mirror and feel good that that is my face. When I laugh or smile or wink, that is mine to own. Before, I was letting other things cloud this and change my body into what I didn’t feel was healthy. As part of this changing I am happy to once again see the face I once knew. Every day I look in the mirror and smile because I recognize it and love it.

I hope when you look in the mirror today that you smile back at the face that greets you. If not, learn to love your face.




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