E is for . . .



E is for Evolution

Being an adult is rough. I was prepared for it to be rough. I was not prepared for it to be a weird evolution. You change, for better or worse, into something different. I find that there are also multiple evolutions going on at once . . . style, intelligence, interests, sense of self. There is also an evolution of your friendships. Some of the originals stay with you because you evolve together. You understand where you came from as well as where you’re going and that sense of nostalgia brings love and closeness that forever stays with you and helps glue you together through all the bumps and whistles of life. There are also the friendships you develop along the way. These can be some of the most interesting friendships because they are ones you develop socially at a point in your life when you are still developing, just as they may be.

I have two friendships that I find terribly interesting right now. One I met in college and we have very similar experiences and we’ve been there for each other for some very significant events. In the last year or so we drifted apart due to various life things, but we always kept a finger on our pulse. Recently we’ve been making an effort to get together more and it’s so nice! I really missed my friend and I missed that connection with someone who understands a lot of what happens and is hard to explain. And frankly, I love my art buddy. I’m excited for new goodness in this friendship.

Another friend and I met later in life and we were very close, thick as thieves even. We had such good times together and almost always had fun. Sadly, we have drifted apart and I fear we have become different people from what we once were. Can you ever go back from that? Perhaps you’re not supposed to. Can you move forward? I understand that you accept people as they are, but I wonder at what point you stop accepting things that don’t quite fit each other anymore. At what point do you accept that the people you have become are in two different worlds and you have simply become friendly acquaintances? It also brings up the question of is it circumstance and economic level defining who you are, or is who you are determining your circumstance and economic level? And do those things prevent various levels from merging in friendship? I’m severely doubting the latter of those thoughts simply because you see people from all different economic levels helping each other in life and them developing a bond out of that effort. But then again, are they the exception?

I suppose it’s all something to contemplate . . . What is your evolution? And are you happy with where it has led you? Have you stopped? Or are you wanting to begin again?



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  1. Personally, I think that we have different sets of friends> The one’s that we meet and enoy their company and it’s Ok to not see for a long time, but when you get together you’re so happy to see them and you have a great time while together and then you part and go on your way and then, do it all over again in a few months or a year and it’s all good.

    And then there’s those that you see often and stay in touch with and would sorely miss seeing if they were not around. You do think together and have dinner and go shopping or to a movie. And there solid people that keep you connected to life.

    And then there are those that you have not seen for like 20 some years but ,you keep in touch and are always so happry to talk with them and miss them terribly, but distance keeps you apart.. You would give them the shirt off your back or donate a body part for, and even though you don’t see them, they arestill very near and dear to your heart.

    Which ever you have one or maybe all types, it’s part of life and you just keep going forward.

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