D is for . . .


D Is For Dweebs, Darlings and Divas!


I’m a silly, silly girl. I typed this whole loveliness out and didn’t push publish. Wowee. I’m awesome. And behind. So here we go . . .

Dweeb. Remember when the word was actively used? Now it’s one of those words you occasionally dust off from the archives and you regail how great it was like slap bracelets and swatches. You and your fellow nerd brigade discuss other awesome word usage like rad, tubular, nifty and even . . . “word”. I vote yes for Dweeb and Rad.

My darlings. I actually have a general hate for this word. It’s like calling your loved one pooky or schnookims. However, I have learned to make one exception to this rule. Uno. I love this word when said with an accent! A little rolled rrrrr and lifted l and is lovely. A la Javier Bardem. Really truly, you should hear it. Yum!

Divas. There are two types of divas in the world: The ones you love and the ones you love to hate. The latter are categorized by the likes of Naomi Campbell and Janice Dickinson, perhaps in a little Scarlett O’hara. Then there are the divas you love. These women are gorgeously high maintenance, but have style and attitude without being full-on wenches. And some of the best drag queens are divas too! My favorites: The queen of booty Miss JLo. The divine Miss Dita Von Teese – you know it takes a lot to look like that but she’s understatedly stunning! And she was with MM for all of those years and saw that he was brilliant beneath all of the hubub. 
 And of course, Miss Ru . . .




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