Things I Love Thursday


My Little Loves . . .

♥ Hellabores! A flower that blooms in winter. Nature’s little reminder that spring will come. ♥ Green & red pots! ♥ Fresh laundry. It’s one of those great smells. ♥ Snickers easter eggs Only available this time of year. ♥ Striped panties in all sorts of colors ♥ The satisfaction of returning items and getting money back ♥ Last of the Dogmen. I love this movie! ♥ Spike from Notting Hill. “Chicks love grey!” ♥ Getting compliments on my heart necklace while out and about ♥ Chicken Noodle Soup. Every once in a while it hits the spot. ♥ Happy Brittany’s blog ♥ Vitamin water zero in mixed berry flavor. How did I not know before now how delicious this is!!! ♥ Casino night. Can’t wait! ♥ “Dude, who are you?!” ♥  Demi Moore when she plays self-assured parts like in GI Jane and Mr Brooks ♥ TOMS Shoes and his day without shoes campaign. The difference they are marking with their BOGO concept is amazing! LOVE! ♥ Gapminder  I think it’s important to know what’s going on in the world and to be aware of where we are and where we are heading. But alas, sometimes pouring over articles and stat charts can be confusing and/or boring. I love Hans Rosling and his ability to break down reality into the simplest terms. Ooooo, and his accent! ♥ Canary yellow heels. Even if only for a little bit. ♥ Dinner dates with the divine Miss M and lil’ miss Cora ♥ My mom for listening to me vent and try not to break down ♥ Finding a new trail to go on this weekend. I can’t wait! Fingers crossed for nice weather while I’m out! ♥ Coming home to the teddy bear graveyard in my living room. Creepy, but amusing ♥ Finding a hotel within walking distance of my concert adventure. Hells yeah! ♥ Nick Frost & Simon Pegg. Heart. ♥ Maliens & Women ♥


♥ This song. I love Matisyahu! It’s not just that it’s catchy or that he’s “the rabi guy who can beatbox”. I love that it’s inspirational music with something to say. So often we groove to songs that are just made to be there and that’s ok. But it’s really nice when they have something to say that’s worth hearing! Here’s the acoustic version he did of One Day for Billboard.


♥ And just in case you never knew of the awesome . . .


 ♥ The Fray’s cover of Heartless



Hugs & Love! 





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