I Bring You Good News!



Happy Sunday lovies! I hope you are having a gloriously delicious day filled with lots of perfect goodness or at least some wonderful relaxation. Sadly, it’s coming to an end, but I like to bring a little light at the end of the tunnel with some good news mail and thingy things.


  • Casino Night ~ Look out money bags, here I come! Confession: I’ve never been to the casino to gamble. And the last time there was family talk about going, it got cancelled. And yes, I was disappointed. Well casino chatter has once again surfaced in the fam and fingers crossed I come home with pockets full! Or at least a little ahead, hehe.
  • Hocus Smokus ~ This year I really wanted to take a cooking class. I found an awesome group that has a group in Portland that offers all sorts every month, but each time I’ve looked they were full or something I wasn’t interested in. Well, the tides have turned my friends! This month they are doing a grilling class. Really?! I could satisfy two goals by taking a class and learning to grill? How lucky could I get. You bet your bum that I signed right up too. I know I know, I’m not quite destitute but I can see it from here. It just means I will have to work a little bit extra right now. I can handle that though, it’s worth the goodness.
  • Earning My Red Cross ~ I finally heard back from the red cross on friday regarding my volunteer application. I’m so excited! The lady I spoke with was enthusiastically lovely and if I’ll be working with her, or more like her, then I think it’s going to be a good place for me. It seems that on part of their application requirements though they should include patience because there’s surely a lot to go through. I like to look at it as one more challenge to show that you are genuine in your effort. Most people wouldn’t volunteer for the position I did because of the nature of it, and more probably wouldn’t go through the whole process, but I like it. It shows they want and work with quality. When I was going to school I was really interested in working in hospitals with those with communication inabilities and potentially terminal illness so the idea of working in a hospital now does not bother me. Instead it gives me an outlet for this drive I’ve always had but never been able to fill. I think if you can bring any amount of light into someone’s day then you have succeeded. I hope I can find a good niche for myself to be of help.
  • Sunday Goodness ~ I spent the morning running errands. Stopped by the nursery to plan out my container garden and to drool over various hellaciously priced pots. I definitely will be stopping by again when I get paid. Then I forced myself to run to target and get dog food. I try to avoid stores unless I am in need of something right now. Of course, that didn’t stop me from taking the long way around to the grocery store via the ferry. I couldn’t help myself, it was a truly lovely day out and it was the perfect little drive. I especially love the hill on the way that feels like going on a roller coaster. Enjoy the little things! The rest of the day has been spent writing and avoiding putting away the laundry. Personally, I think that’s the perfect use of my time right now. How about you?
  • Airplane Complaints ~ FInally, I have one last thing to touch on and please forgive my brief grievance soapbox. I love the airport. I love flying. Airplanes. Travel. I understand though that not everyone does. The lines, the fees, the people, the small seats . . . there is lots to get frustrated over. But dear lord, if I hear one more damn person whine about wifi or lack there of or it not working or electrical outlets on airplanes not being up to par, by golly I will not be held responsible for my actions. You’re on an effin airplane! Hundreds of thousands of feet in the air. Crossing states in the shortest amount of time possible. And oh yeah, flying. Did I forget to mention flying? You are effin flying and you have the nerve to piss and moan that your technological advances that are a luxury even on the ground aren’t meeting your standards!!! Do not make me come over there and beat you with your own hand. Stop taking the fact that you are on an airplane for granted and be grateful. For your sake if not for the rest of us. The End. *Hops off soapbox*


Well, the laundry pile at the end of my bed is starting to resemble a frown face from something Jim Hensen would have thought up so me thinks perhaps it should be dealt with. I hope that you have a wonderful end to your weekend. Hugs & Love!



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  1. This was a very good one!!! I liked it. Casino Saturday….only if it’s not raining. Not driving all the way out there if we’re having a downpour!!! Happy Monday.

    Love, MOM

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