Things I Love Thursday!



 My Little Loves . . .  


Being of service  Big chunky rings  Ruffles . . . on my purse.  Finally putting away my excess sheets, blankets and luggage  Just Wright. Hello yummy Common!  Home-made smoothies. I am so happy to be bringing back the blender usage and nummyness  A new scarf and shirt . . . both with blues!  Being able to see my floor again, hehe  Stuffed mushrooms with turkey sausage. Next time I will make them differently, but this was definitely a good start!  Sorting through my to-be-returned pile finally. Sad, but needed. Getting my acceptance email to the food bank garden. Cannot wait!  Mini raspberry sorbet cups and finding Umpqua pints The build-your-own salad bar at the market down the street. This is my new addiction.  Plain cheerios with bananas and blueberries. Well, blueberries in general really.  The Adjustment Bureau. Still.  Watching Rocky & Rocky II finally. I can’t believe there are more. I’m likelier to rewatch Rambo(s) many times over than these, but at least I can check it off the list. Now if only I wanted to watch The Godfather movies . . .  Planting trees with delicious fire boys! What’s that you say, why yes, I’ll be happy to get soaked and muddy and dig in the dirt next to the cute firemen for three hours. Booyah! ♥ Chocolate sorbet, my new obsession  Getting ideas from cutely creative fashion bloggers  Pushing through my swim goal despite jerk face pool users  Wax earplugs. Who knew?!  Working through my tempo money mess. It feels good Game night with the boys ♥ No noodle Chang’s. Definitely a new experience. Breaking my arse getting out of a car. So awesome!  My boozies not falling out in the pool. Trust me, this was a major accomplishment.


 This song. I haven’t been a huge BEP fan as of late with their recent works, but I LOVE this song.


 This Mr & Mrs – esque dance routine. Love!


And while we are at it, I can’t get enough of this song either. In spite of the booty; or maybe because of it.



Happy Thursday lovies!




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  1. Sorry about the bathing suit. I’ll get you another if you need one!!!! Either that or you need bigger boobs……to fill the gaps.

    Love, MOM

    • I think I can manage it ma. Thank you though! And I certainly don’t need bigger boobs . . . Speedo can’t handle the ones I have.

  2. Oh my gosh this was so sweet! I LOVED IT!! The previous comments cracked me up… I’m definitely sticking around!

    I saw you joined the A to Z blogging challenge! So glad you’re joining in on the fun!!! I’m one of the co-hosts and I’m here to welcome you to the challenge! Should you need anyting just ask! I’d love if you’d stop by neck of the woods! We’ll also be having fun on twitter (I’m @jenunedited and we can be found at #atozchallenge)!

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